January 2019

Why GSM is The Most Important Feature of Your Mattress

At John Ryan, we pride ourselves on giving you all the details that really matter the most when it comes to purchasing your new mattress. Unfortunately, we know that the vast majority of manufacturers actually hold back on a key piece of information, because once you know and understand this, it’s the only way you can accurately compare any mattresses.

So what is this vital thing that so many mattress manufacturers do not want you to know about? The answer: The GSM value of upholstery.

What is GSM? And why is it Important?

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GSM actually stands for “Grams per square metre”; referring to the weight of a certain  upholstery component within your mattress, regardless of what material is used, whether it be wool, polyester, or horsehair. It’s used to determine the quality of your mattress, and every manufacturer makes use of this measurement whenever they purchase upholstery.

It also refers to the total weight of any upholstery components that are used directly on top of the springs; known as the ‘combined upholstery weight GSM’. Essentially this is the total weight of all the upholstery used in any particular mattress, in One Square Metre.

You’ll be able to determine the exact quality of a mattress and accurately compare it with any other without physically testing it out yourself – simply by knowing and understanding this GSM figure. Unfortunately, you’ll notice that this figure is frequently left out of any product descriptions from mattress sellers. In fact, many mattress retailers themselves are rarely even given this vital piece of information by the manufacturers.

How to compare using GSM

You’ll no doubt see an abundance of product descriptions mentioning that the mattresses contain wool, silk and cashmere. They can often be misleading, in terms of making you believe that the mattress is absolutely packed with premium components. But by deliberately omitting the GSM weight, you could be paying top price for a mattress that actually has the minimal weight when it comes to these upholstery materials – making it pretty worthless.

For example; say you have two mattresses that are advertised for the same price, and both have the same upholstery material. You will need to find out the GSM figure in order to really see which one is the better-built mattress for your hard earned money, and which one is actually much more cheaply made.

The reason why so many manufacturers get away with not providing this figure, is because they aren’t legally required to do so. When you’re left in the dark in regards to the weight and breakdown of the upholstery layers, making an accurate comparison becomes pretty much impossible. The risk of you making the wrong decision and regretting your mattress purchase can be very high thanks to this shameful practice.

So, when making any sort of mattress comparison it’s always important not to take any product description at face value, and always ask how much in terms of ‘grams per square metre’ there is of any components used within the mattress.

We’re all about transparent premium quality

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At John Ryan, we never want you to have to read between the lines of endless sales jargon when making a decision about your mattress purchase. This is why we are always clear and concise with letting you know the information that matters, especially when it comes to knowing your GSM times table.

When you can compare mattresses using GSM as a basis, being fooled by dubious specifications and misleading product descriptions will be a thing of the past.

With us you’ll never had to go above and beyond to find out the necessary details you need to know. And if you are looking for quick, honest, no-nonsense advice – then you can get in touch with our expert team today, on 0161 437 4419.

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