The Artisan Classic Range

Our Artisan Classic mattresses are hand made in Yorkshire, UK. They all contain premium pocket springs and are hand side stitched. They are also jam-packed with the very best natural fibres. As a guide, these mattresses retail between £1000 -£1500 for a King Size Mattress.
Artisan 1500
  • Pocket Spring Count: 1500
  • Upholstery Fillings: 4300
  • Comfort: Firm
  • Guarantee: 10 Years
FROM £665
Artisan Naturals
  • Pocket Spring Count: 1600
  • Upholstery Fillings: 3950
  • Comfort: Medium
  • Guarantee: 10 Years
FROM £885

The Artisan Premium Range

Our Artisan Premium mattresses are hand made by our best craftspeople in Yorkshire, UK. They all contain handmade calico pocket springs and have 100% natural fibre fillings. These mattresses can easily go head to head with any luxury mattress brand for a fraction of the price, when comparing construction, quality, content and most importantly comfort. As a guide, these mattresses retail between £1500 -£2000 for a King Size Mattress.
Artisan Bespoke 004
  • Pocket Spring Count: 1600
  • Upholstery Fillings: 3600 
  • Comfort: Medium
  • Guarantee: 10 Years
FROM £1090
Artisan Luxury
  • Pocket Spring Count: 1476
  • Upholstery Fillings: 4600
  • Comfort: Soft
  • Guarantee: 10 Years
FROM £1180

The Artisan Luxe Collection

Our Artisan Luxe mattress collection is where we get to show off a little! These mattresses contain the very best pocket spring combinations and the utmost premium natural fibres available on the market. As a guide, these mattresses retail between £2000 -£3500 for a king size mattress (other sizes vary in price).
Artisan Bespoke 002
  • Pocket Spring Count: 2508
  • Upholstery Fillings: 3600
  • Comfort: Medium
  • Guarantee: 10 Years
FROM £1420
Legacy Two
  • Pocket Spring Count: 1900
  • Upholstery Fillings: 5400
  • Comfort: Medium
  • Guarantee: 15 Years
FROM £2945

The Historical Range

This range of mattresses are still available to buy. We have removed them from our general listings to simplify our range and make it easier for customers to understand the difference between models. In short, these models are at a similar price point or comfort to models offered in the main range.
Artisan Bespoke 003
  • Pocket Spring Count: 2508
  • Upholstery Fillings: 5600
  • Comfort: Firm
  • Guarantee: 10 Years
FROM £2360

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Luxury Sheep Wool Mattresses

Wool is an incredible natural fibre that’s used in luxury, high-end mattresses. providing comfort and support. Naturally fire retardant and long lasting, it’s a fantastic natural fibre to use within any top-end mattress. The fibres in a sheep wool mattress not only comfort, but their ability to regulate a sleeper’s temperature is far more effective than synthetic man-made fibres.

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