The basics of foam mattress construction

The simple fact about memory foam and latex mattresses is that they look incredibly simple to design, but, in reality, are very difficult to get right!  Some would say its a piece of cake! Anyone can stick a few layers of this and that together, but you need to fully understand the materials, benefits, drawbacks and science behind it to get it right.  

Mattress detailing John Ryan 2

To assist you in working out the truth from the spin we’ve put together a wealth of information about the memory foam and latex construction methods and myths. There is a lot to watch out for, especially if you’re trawling around the shops looking for a mattress. If you’re pushed for time try our top 5 mattress construction tips.

For those who want to dig deeper then please carry on through our other posts. This site is kept updated as soon as more information becomes available.

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Foam mattress construction can be incredibly confusing with the variety of foams, densities and statistics to wade through. Our team are well versed in putting things into plain English to help you understand the differences so why not call them for a friendly chat on 0161 437 4419?  Alternatively, you can email to get in touch or Ask a Question, either way, we are happy to help!