Vegan Friendly Mattress Guide

Vegan options have increased phenomenally in recent years with everything from restaurant menus to shoe options now having vegan alternatives. However, the mattress world has been relatively stuck in the past when it comes to Natural Vegan mattress options. If you’re a vegan or someone who cares about the impact of animal products has on the planet then your new mattress choice will be really important to you.

Trying to find a Vegan mattress can be a minefield. More often than not the search results and stores will just point you to a synthetic memory foam mattress or a mattress primarily filled with synthetic polyester. Hardly the most attractive or advanced mattress upholstery fillings. Did you know there’s now a huge selection of plant-based upholstery fibres meaning your Vegan mattress choice can be so much more than heat retentive foam?

mattress hand stitchingIf you’re looking for an entirely animal-free mattress choice then you have come to the right place. We have a number of options to suit your budget and mattress comfort preferences without an animal fibre in sight!

Vegan Mattress Upholstery Options

Part of the problem in finding a non-animal fibre mattress is that mattress manufacturers have been really slow to uptake plant fibres into their mattresses. There’s a whole host of plant fibres, some of which have been used for centuries, which allow mattress manufactures to make animal-free mattresses. We have listed the plant fibres that can currently be used below. Though looking around at the bed sellers hardly any of these are used at the moment in mattress manufacturer.

  • Coir (Coconut husk) – this has similar properties to Horsehair
  • Flax – this is usually an insulator layer like Cashmere
  • Natural latex from the sap of the rubber tree – used as a comfort or replacement wool layer
  • Bamboo fibre – A super soft luxury fibre used in the top comfort layers
  • Hemp – A firmer layer used as an insulator
  • Cotton – softer than polyester and high loft also used as a comfort layer
  • Cocolok (Latex covered Coir) – The rubberised Coir makes it ideal as a horsetail replacement

Plant fibres offer a Vegan alternative to animal fibres

Plant fibres such as Flax, Coir and Hemp have been used for centuries as resilient natural textiles. However, they are still relatively unused by many mattress manufacturers who prefer synthetic foam alternatives. We’ve been using plant fibres for some time now in our hand made mattress range.

They offer a breathable resilient quality to mattress upholstery that far outperforms polyester and foams. They also can help you move away from plastic fibres in vegan mattresses. Plant fibres also help the environment as they store carbon compared to the high carbon usage in foam production.

The Artisan Latex is our fully Plant-Based Vegan Mattress

Vegan Mattresses made in the UK

If you’re looking for a Vegan mattress then here at John Ryan we have a number of options to suit your budget and comfort preferences. The first is the Origins Comfort which is a soft feel mattress or the Origins Reflex which is a firmer feel. Both are hand made Pocket spring mattresses with generous fillings of polyester and man-made fibres.

If you’re looking for a 100% Plant-based mattress then our Artisan Latex is the finest Vegan mattress available on the market. Featuring 100% plant-based fibres and layers with a cotton covered calico spring unit. It’s two-sided and has a huge 3150GSM of Natural Fibres.

If you’re looking for a Latex Vegan mattress then our Fusion range are made entirely out of 100% Natural Dunlop Latex with no animal fibres.

What’s wrong with using foam for a Vegan mattress?

The issue with having to choose foam for your Vegan mattress choice is two-fold.

  1. Firstly foam mattresses are incredibly hot, they actively retain heat meaning that your bed can soon become a furnace in the warmer months.
  2. The second issue is that most foam mattresses are only one-sided. Meaning that you can’t turn the mattress to even out wear, You’re effectively buying a mattress with half the life span of a traditional two-sided mattress.

By limiting your options to foam only you’re going to struggle to really find a truly suitable mattress. It also means you’re relying on man-made synthetic foams in your mattress when there’s a mix of wonderful plant fibres out there to choose from!

What should I look for in a Vegan mattress?

When looking for a Vegan mattress the process is the same as finding an animal fibre mattress.

You’re going to be looking for:

  • The right support unit for your bodyweight
  • Then comfort layers to give the bed the overall ‘feel’
  • Upholstery layers that are either plant-based or synthetic

You will notice that 99% of all Vegan mattresses out there are relying on Polyester as their main fibre which, whilst technically Vegan-friendly, is man-made and synthetic. When searching for a Vegan mattress you’re probably wanting to stick to natural fibres as much as possible. The benefit of natural fibres is that they are far more breathable and resilient when compared to polyester and foams which compress far quicker. Just because you’re a Vegan doesn’t mean you need to settle for synthetic upholstery which seriously limits your choices.

Polyester is often used as a Vegan-friendly fibre but is man-made unlike Plant Fibres

The issue is that many mattress makers are trying to cash in on the rise of Veganism and are simply offering their cheaper synthetic models as ‘Vegan-Friendly’. It’s a bit like a Vegan cafe menu that only has one item on it! We are different in that we have actively been researching to source the best natural plant fibres. So that you have a true comparative option to the other natural fibre mattresses. We’ve road tested these to create a Vegan mattress that compares with the best of the Natural fibre mattress models out there. In fact, we would go so far as to say it hands down beats all of the other ‘Vegan’ mattress options currently available.

So if you’re looking for a Vegan mattress to suit you why not get in touch with our small friendly team who can assist? If you’ve struggled to find a suitable Vegan mattress why not let us know and we can help.