John Ryan dual mattress construction

Given that Memory foam and hybrid foam mattresses can’t be fully turned like a traditional mattress we have devised a product which minimises this drawback and provides you with a more durable and flexible mattress construction.

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All of our Hybrid and Latex mattresses come with our dual construction method, not seen in many of the retailers. This consists of a high-quality Memory Foam / Latex mattress base with a complimenting matching high-quality topper. This means that you can rotate and turn the topper when you normally would turn your mattress. The general rule is that a mattress should start off at its firmest at the base and then each layer should get progressively softer, until the topper layer.  This allows for progressive comfort and enables the mattress to support you as you sink into each of the layers.  If the mattress is too soft for your weight, you will sink quickly down to the firmest layers resting solely on the supportive base.  If the mattress is too firm you will simply sit on the top layer without benefiting from the other materials.  Both scenarios result in an uncomfortable mattress.  The correct mattress will allow you to sink into the layers and equalise, ie it is holding, supporting and comforting you just at the right level, not sinking too deep, not resting too high.

The mattresses have been specially created with this in mind to give you not only a superior mattress in terms of comfort, but the option to turn your matching topper and change it later down the line should you need or choose to.

What’s the benefit of the dual construction and topper?

Quite simply you can turn your Memory Foam topper which should reduce compression and allow you to extend the life of your bed. It also means that in the future should your body weight change, preference for a firmer or softer bed change, you can replace the topper and continue to use the base. It’s far more cost effective to replace this topper than an entire bed.

In addition to this it allows our mattresses to offer more of a progressive comfort when compared to the standard two or three layer construction methods. The increased depth and layering offers more comfort, as Memory Foam requires a certain depth, usually 5cm to really provide comfort, something that is paramount. We offer 5cm as a standard depth, compared to 2-4cm in other standard mattresses and on top of this our toppers are also 5-7cm meaning your getting much more mattress for your money.

If you compare our mattresses to standard construction mattresses you will see our mattresses range from 25cm (10inch) to 30cm (12inch) across the range. We, therefore, recommend that extra deep fitted sheets are used as they are higher than a standard mattress.

For comparison the following market leaders of quality Memory Foam mattresses depths are

  • Tempur – 19cm to 25cm across their range
  • Ergoflex – 21cm standard depth of their one range
  • John Ryan Contemporary – 25cm – 32cm

Cheaper Memory Foam mattresses usually start at 15cm overall depth with only 2cm of Memory Foam. Again we are providing you with the facts to make your own decision, remembering it’s not just the depth but the construction and density of the foams that will determine the suitability and quality of the mattress.

Can I use any shop bought mattress topper for this?

The simple answer is Yes!

But you will again run into a myriad of questions about the quality of topper, materials used, and firmness rating. Here at John Ryan contemporary, we have undertaken significant research to match our topper with our mattresses for you and can provide advice on what is suitable for a certain type of mattress. We only sell the highest quality toppers with generous depths to ensure minimal compression and the longest life span for the type of bed.