June 2020

How to extend the lifespan of your one sided mattress

If you've bought a one-sided mattress such as a Tempur, Eve, Casper or Simba then you will need to take extra special care to make sure it doesn't sag or dip given you're stuck with using just one side. If not you may find your bed starts to sink and you'll soon be back to square mattress shopping all over again. We have tips to provide you with a more durable and flexible mattress construction set up to extend the life of your one-sided mattress.

Given that Memory foam and some cheaper pocket sprung mattresses can’t be fully turned like a traditional mattress you’re going to need to pay particular attention to your mattress maintenance. This guide will help you minimise settlement with your new one-sided sprung or memory foam mattress. This guide will help you extend the life of your one sided mattress.

Fusion 4 mattress with Warbreck Headboard
99% of all foam mattresses like Tempur, Eve, Simba and Casper are 1-sided meaning extra special measures need to be taken so you don’t end up with sags or dips.

What is a one-sided / no turn mattress?

One-sided or no turn mattresses have been marketed by mattress manufacturers as the ‘turn free’ alternative to mattress maintenance. This is sold as a benefit to you but really it’s just a way for mattress manufacturers to save costs. In most cases, a one-sided mattress skips adding the comfort layers to both sides of a the mattress.

No turn mattresses are usually found in cheaper entry-level models. However, even in a £500 mattress you an still find quality two-sided mattresses. So it is worthwhile doing your mattress research to avoid getting stuck with a one-sided model.

A no turn mattress is made using the following construction method from the bottom upwards:

In theory, you end up with half of the fillings that you could usually expect for your money. Which is why one-sided mattresses should be avoided where possible.

A one-sided no turn mattress means you can only ever sleep on one side. So you only ever have one set of mattress ‘comfort’ layers to utilise. When compared to a quality two-sided mattress where you flip and rotate the mattress each month to even out wear.

Why do one-sided mattresses start sagging?

One-sided or no turn mattresses suffer from settlement far faster than their two-sided mattress counterparts. You only have to Google ‘no turn mattresses sagging’ to see hundreds of results.

The reason for this is that you’re placing all the mattress wear and tear on one side of the bed. As you can’t turn it out the same spots each night are receiving all of the pressure and impact. With a two-sided mattress, you can turn it over which helps to even out the natural settlement of the mattress. However, with a one-sided mattress, you can only ever rotate the bed. There is no way to help reduce this natural settlement as you’re stuck with a limited amount of mattress that you can use!

This is why so many people complain that after a couple of years with their one-sided mattress they start to see body imprints and sagging within their mattress. With a quality two-sided mattress, we advise you to turn and rotate it monthly. This means that over the first few years as the fibres naturally settle and ‘bed in you can help spread this out over two sides. Avoiding those dreaded dips and mattress sags!

How to fix a one-sided mattress

The best thing you can do to fix a one-sided mattress is to add a separate mattress topper.

This means that you can rotate and turn the topper when you normally would turn your mattress. By adding a mattress topper you’re introducing another two sides to your mattress, helping reduce these sags and dips over time. It helps to address the fact that with a no turn mattress you’re stuck sleeping on only one side.

By adding a topper to a no turn mattress you also have the option to change your topper later down the line should you need or choose to. Mattress toppers will also help increase the comfort layers in a mattress and can be a great way to help make a poor mattress much better!

What’s the benefit of adding a mattress topper?

Quite simply you can turn your mattress topper which should reduce compression and allow you to extend the life of your bed. It also means that in the future should your body weight change, preference for a firmer or softer bed change, you can replace the topper and continue to use the base. It’s far more cost-effective to replace this topper than an entire bed. Making it a savvy option for improving a entry-level mattress.

A hand made mattress topper

We always advise when adding a topper that you add one that’s in keeping with the upholstery used in the mattress below.

For example:

  • If you have a memory foam mattress then partner this up with a foam mattress topper
  • If you have a synthetic fibre mattress then maybe choose a polycotton or polyester mattress topper
  • For a natural fibre mattress then think about a wool or feather mattress topper.

This is because these fibres will work best together as you’re working with the original mattress upholstery. Spending a small fortune on a 100% Natural Goose Down mattress topper and then adding it to a cheaper heat retentive memory foam mattress will negate the benefits of this topper. No amount of natural fibres will fix a poor quality heat retentive mattress!

Adding a topper to any foam mattress will extend its lifespan
Adding a topper to any foam mattress will extend its lifespan
As you can only rotate a 1-sided mattress you're limited to how much of the bed you can use
As you can only rotate a 1-sided mattress you're limited to how much of the bed you can use

It’s true that one-sided mattresses such as Tempur, Eve, Simba and Casper will have limited shelf lives compared to a 2-sided fully turnable mattress. As you’re sleeping in the same space every night settlement and dipping can become an issue if you don’t regularly rotate your mattress. By adding a deep removable topper you’re extending the longevity of your bed and helping limit this dipping and sagging. The best way to avoid sagging in a one-sided mattress though is to not buy one in the first place!

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