February 2010

Tall people beds 7ft plus

If you're tall, then only you will know the difficulty in finding a bed that will suit your needs as well as your budget.  Not many manufacturers will take the time to specialise in this area and even if they do may see you palmed off with a run of the mill cage sprung mattress at a vastly inflated price, or even worse a slab of foam! Here's our guidance on the options for a tall sleeper.

Producing a mattress suitable for your height is one thing but an equal thought has to be applied with regards to your body weight as well.  And it is with this in mind that if you are taller than average then randomly sticking a pin in a list of beds is definitely not the way to go about it. You’re going to need some sound expert advice to get you the perfect nights sleep for your height.

Extra Long Beds are sometimes necessary for very tall sleepers

There is no doubt about it, you are going to be paying more for a longer than average bed so whichever one you choose the first consideration must be the longevity or lifespan of the mattress.  Although one-sided memory foam can be an option for the primary layer, we would suggest that you go down the traditional route of a two-sided, well-upholstered model that can get you, at least, ten years life for your money. The additional benefits of this are that a two sided mattress can be fully turned unlike memory foam and boxed mattresses. Meaning you get twice as much for your money!

Pocket springs (of course) should be the support. Extra-long beds should be based on a 2000 unit but the extensions will be utilising more individual units so the count will obviously be a lot higher depending on the size ordered.

The wadding cannot be just polyester.  Although the price will be initially more favourable there is just no way that this will give you an expected lifespan.  The layers must be sandwiched with each individual component complementing what is above and beneath.

Pollyester 800G
Taller beds require more than just polyester

The choice of the base should also be manufactured to take into account the additional weight of the mattress.  Obviously, a divan base will be cheaper than an extended bed frame but even so, this should be manufactured with extra strengtheners and a more robust platform top that will not prematurely dip. All of our mattresses are suitable for taller sleepers and our expert team can create bespoke orders to meet your height requirements.

But how much will a tall bed cost?

Because this is such a specialised market your choice is extremely limited and, therefore, the price will be at an unnecessary premium.  The average price for a 1500 pocket sprung unit will be well over a £1300 for a 5ft x 7’3″ Divan Set.  By comparison, the same size bed using a rubbish basic open coil unit would be in the region of £800 or so.

So what can we offer?

For a 5’0 x 7’3 Divan Set, for example, my minimum standard would be:  2000 plus pocket springs, multi-layer wadding – including a layer of reflex foam,  polyester and premium weight cotton felt all squashed into an 11″ deep mattress.  Hand Side Stitched – Soft silk content fabric – Two-Sided Mattress – weighs a tonne, strengthened base.  Full 10-year repair or replace guarantee.

John Ryan Fusion 3 Mattress 6
We specialise in bespoke beds for taller sleepers

This will be as close as you can get to a bespoke mattress and even though it is made to order.  All orders will, of course, be discussed verbally to ensure you have the mattress suitable for your, and your partner’s, needs. Our small friendly team can help you with your bespoke order ensuring you get the best value and quality for your budget.


Just because your tall shouldn’t mean your feet are hanging out of the end of your bed or you paying over the odds. Why not get in touch with our small expert team for some advice on what your options are? All of our models are hand made here in the UK and can be made to specific lengths as a bespoke order.

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