Eve mattress has failed and is sagging.

Emilia asked
7th December 2019

Hi John Ryan,

I bought an Eve mattress around 2 years ago. Mainly due to the great reviews about Eve mattresses. To be honest I didn’t do a huge amount of research I just thought for the price and fact it’s delivered in a box it would be a good buy. It was a ncie looking mattress so I took the plunge.

I must admit for the first few weeks it felt comfortable enough sinking into it each night, even though there was a noticeable plastic smell coming from it. I had to open a window most days to get rid of the smell. The heat as well during the summer has been unbearable some nights with me needing to sleep on a sofa instead. They didn’t mention that in the reviews!!! When it was cold at night the mattress felt fine though so not so bad in the winter.

However, the mattress is now starting to sag and dip where I’ve slept. There’s a noticeable lump where Ive been sleeping and I read on your site this may be natural settlement? I’ve tried turning it over onto the wrong side to even it out. But it’s so firm I can’t sleep and keep waking up aching.

I’ve been in touch with Eve to ask what they can do about it but I’m going round in circles online with them. I feel like I may made a mistake with this one.

Any advice on how I can fix my lumpy Eve bed?!

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Lee Staff
answered 3 years ago

Hi Emilia,

Thanks for getting in touch about your bed and sorry to hear you’re having problems with your Eve mattress. There’s nothing worse than ending up with bed issues!

The major flaw with all boxed mattresses is that they are usually made of memory or other mattress foams. All of which are heat retentive compared to Natural Fibres. Its this heat retention and ‘open cell’ structure you read about that allow them to mould slowly to you and then hold you in one position. The other reason these boxed mattresses are usually foam based is so they can be compressed easily and rolled which Natural Fibre Traditional Mattresses cant be.

For some people being held in one position all night is a benefit. They like the feeling of being in a snug moulded depression in the mattress. For others, who may have back or shoulder issues, it can be a real problem. This is because it makes it incredibly difficult to make micro-adjustments and move during the night. Often leading to you having to wake up to physically lift yourself out of the hole you’re stuck in!

The problem in buying abed without doing research is that you’re usually buying it based on price or looks alone. Which means you’re just guessing as to the mattresses suitability. Eve is listed as ‘perfect for all sleepers’ on its site. However, you need to have really tried a foam mattress first to see if it’s suitable for you as it’s a very different sleep experience to a traditional pocket sprung mattress. In our experience as mattress experts there is no one size fits all mattress. I bed should where possible be tailored to your requirements.

Removing New mattress Smell with Eve Mattress:

It’s perfectly normal for mattresses to offgass when you first get them. Like any new product, it needs to be aired to release these gases and remove the smell. With synthetic beds it is a plasticy smell. With traditional mattresses it maybe an earthy smell from the Natural Fibres. Ventilation when you first get your mattress is key to sorting this out.
Ideally, you need to match your new mattress to your weight, comfort preferences, sleeping style and other factors (such as if you’re a warm sleeper like you).

Heat Issues with Eve Mattress:

Unfortunately, as foams are heat retentive there’s very little you can do to remove the night sweats you’ve mentioned. The only way to reduce this is to choose a Natural fibre mattress which is far cooler and breathable. You could add a Wool topper to out a barrier between you and the foam, though the foam won’t mould as well either so its a compromise.

Lumps with One Sided Foam Mattresses:

One of the biggest drawbacks with all boxed foam mattresses is that they are one-sided. You can read why this is is a drawback here. Meaning you only have one side to effectively use. All mattress fibres will settle over time, the key is being able to rotate and turn a mattress to even this out so it is consistent. With a foam mattress like Eve, Simba, Casper etc you can’t do this. So if the foam settles in one space, where you’ve been sleeping each night there literally nothing you can do to rectify this other than sleeping in other parts of the bed or adding toppers to try and cover over them.
Keep on asking Eve as they may be able to send out an independent inspector to assess the mattress. If its deemed to have failed then they may be able to offer a replacement for you.

We do wish you well and if you need more tailored advice for a cooler two-sided mattress such as our Artisan Naturals (a similar price point to the Eve premium mattress) please get in touch.

Call our small friendly team on 0161 437 4419 for free tailored mattress advice and guidance.

All the best

John Ryan