Harrison mattress discomfort and advice needed

Comment Submitted Via Email asked 25th March 2014

I recently bought a Harrison pocket sprung mattress and matching base but unfortunately whilst I cannot say it is uncomfortable I wake up with aches and pains I never had before and have now returned to the Tempur mattress which the Harrison replaced. The reason for the change to the Harrison was that I felt the Tempur needed replacing and after our house was flooded in 2012 we spent nearly 18 months sleeping on various beds in various locations but all pocket sprung but as I say the Harrison has not done the job for me. I am now faced with the dilemma of buying yet another mattress but a new Tempur direct from them with the option of retuning it is financially restricted. My question after a rather long winded introduction is would one of the 100 per cent latex toppers be compatible with the Tempur mattress and also should I decide to go for a new mattress would the Fusion mattress (Medium) be a suitable alternative to the Tempur and would a base with drawers be suitable for this mattress. I note that the Fusion mattresses can be turned and rotated but there are no handles on the sides to help with this. The Tempur is the same and it is quite difficult to manoeuvre it if we have to. What would be your advice for moving the Fusion?

Finally how does the weight of the Fusion compare to say the Harrison pocket sprung mattress?

I find it very heavy and difficult to make the bed and I am of average strength. I think that is it for the time being. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply. Kind regards >

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Lee Staff answered 5 years ago

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear you’re having problems with your mattress.

Without knowing the exact Harrison model and your weight its hard to fully advise but I will try to give you some advice to assist.

You can then always give us a call direct to discuss further if you need to.

In terms of Latex Mattress Vs Tempur Mattresses composite materials there really is no comparison in terms of the material, Latex wins outright.

Latex is the premium mattress foam based from the natural milk of rubber trees that is then carefully converted into latex foam.

It is breathable, resilient and returns to its original shape far faster than say Tempur or memory foam which are synthetic man made foams.

It doesn’t rely on heat like tempur or memory foam so doesn’t get as hot, its also naturally breathable.

You don’t need various differing layers with a latex mattress because latex by its very nature is soft at first before becoming progressively supportive the further you sink.

You therefore only ever have one consistent component in a latex mattress, rather than layers of different foams.

As always though some people swear by Tempur and the feel and material.

We always class natural materials above synthetic which is why we make this statement based on our individual opinion.

We would say that a latex bed is by its nature a better bed than say its equivalent memory foam alternative.

Your idea to trial a latex topper is a good move as it would let you get to grips with the sensation of latex.

Since you have had a Tempur bed I would say you are already pretty aware of the difference between a pocket sprung and a foam style bed.

It won’t however make a bad bed good or change a bed completely, it will allow a softer more progressive comfort layer to a bed.

If you get along with the topper you could then purchase the reduced height fusion mattress to match your topper making it a Fusion 3 so you can take some of the risk out of purchasing another mattress.

As for the weight of these style of beds, you are correct they are heavy and a bit awkward to move The reason you don’t see handles on them is because of their mouldable nature you use a much lighter softer cover to wrap them in.

You couldn’t put a strong enough handle on this type of cover to lift the mattress, to make a cover strong enough would mean a thick damask or other materials which would then change the comfort and properties of the bed.

Its a trade off when having a pressure relieving bed and I can understand your frustration with it.

With our range you have both a core and a topper you can turn so you could alternate between the two components every month to lessen the lifting and moving.

A latex bed will be in most cases heavier than a pocket sprung bed as its a much denser bed, this however is a generalisation and without having an actual mattress to compare to I can’t say for sure!

– Lee