New mattress companies with boxed mattresses

George asked
30th August 2016

Hi Guys,
Could you possibly give your opinion on the multitude of mattress companies which seem to have proliferated over the past year. It seems like not a day goes by where I don’t see an advert on Facebook or on the tube with clever ‘funky’ branding for what in essence seems to be an ordinary foam mattress. Are these simply companies with large marketing budgets selling an inferior product or are they truly ‘industry disrupters’ as they claim to be. I’m positive I am not the only person who would like to know your thoughts so please do display the Q and A on your website

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Lee Staff
answered 6 years ago

Hi George,

Thanks for getting in touch. Now your question is quite a tricky one to answer without upsetting many new start up’s legal departments, shareholders, venture capitalist backers and patent attorneys. So I’m sure you will understand why we maybe need to dance around a definite answer for this one and preclude the advice as being a conversational piece and in no way accusatory of any misdoing or unfair practice on any one’s behalf.

I’m also going to take the moment to state that we are a hand made traditional mattress company with over 25 years of furniture retail and manufacturing experience we expose every detail, layer, upholstery and method that is used in our mattress and get you to question retailers than don’t follow our method. We are mattress geeks through and through, we avoid gimmick and buzz words.

As for companies disrupting the industry, there’s nothing knew about foam, latex or layered mattresses. In fact, mattresses in a box bright yellow, blue, orange, cyan or otherwise have been around since the early 2000’s.  Let’s be clear that these kinds of companies are not mattress specialists but marketing specialists.

If baked beans had a high enough return on investment they would start ‘disrupting that industry’ selling them in cardboard packets, vac packed or such delivered next day into your cupboard shelf whilst you’re sleeping or busy chasing Pokemon go. The venture / investment capitalists look for products they can sell lots of, fast and make a buck as fast as possible before moving onto the next trend. They are not bothered if its beds, bicycles or baked beans. There are entire companies that predict and sell trends, if you reearch that it will really start to blow your mind! That’s not to say the products are unsuitable but you have to look that these products as a trend not an answer to the universal question of which beds best for me.

We stopped boxing some of our foam mattresses after we uncovered issues with damage and the fact that after 3 months of being rolled in a box latex becomes damaged beyond repair in our experience.

So I wouldn’t put too much weight on whether whatever product you are looking at is the next innovative construction method as, to be honest, there’s really very little innovation for mattresses. As for one sided mattresses, read our guide here to their limited shelf life unless they have a removable topper.

Mattress construction methods generally are already, on the whole, the best means of support and comfort in either a pocket sprung or solid latex construction method. The differences you need to be aware of is the skill and actual craft used to create this construction method. Cheap springs and saggy hot memory foam will not match a calico encased vanadian spring that’s been heat treated or 100% natural carded horse hair like our Artisan Luxury. Think of a pair of shoes, the construction methods pretty much the same, a sole, an upper, some laces or fastener and a heel. Now a cheap pair has all these components but will feel vastly different and last a much short time than say a hand made shoe of finest leather hand stitched.

What we do is very specific and not mass produced or mass market. We provide handmade beds, based on a careful recommendation with the right spring, support and upholstery layers for each person’s requirements. There never has been and never will be one size fits all. It’s impossible. Our range is based on 25 years experience and our customer service is that of honesty, transparency and like you’re visiting a handmade shoe smith.

Hopefully giving this food for thought will allow people to make their own mind up. You may, after reading our site, work out that a multi-layered foam mattress is a perfect choice for you, if so our Hybrid range is a great place to start. Our Hybrid Luxury Hybrid Foam range caters for those who like that slow sink feeling, giving that memory foam feel without the heat problems. We have meticulously designed these to give you the highest grade foams and construction methods possible.

The Hybrid 4 combines a triple layer mattress construction method to provide a truly supportive mattress with deep progressive comfort. This is a very deep mattress offering four combined layers to give you the most advanced hybrid foam mattress. This advanced mattress is a soft – medium tension. Offering an initial soft comfort layer before medium support.


 Hybrid 4Tempur Cloud 27
CoverMicro-quilt John Ryan Cover with tape edged damask sides1.5cm extra soft quilted polyester cover
17.5cm 60kg Laygel2.5cm Extra Soft layer Tempur Foam
26cm 40kg Memory Foam7cm comfortable layer Tempur Foam
35cm 60kg Laygel8cm Durable base layer
410cm Reflex Support Foam8cm Durable base layer
Total Depth28.5cm + 3-5cm for the quilted cover27cm

Give us a call on 0161 437 4419 if you want any more advice George and we hope this has at least allowed the audience to come to their own decision about what kind of mattress they are looking for.

Kind regards,