October 2018

The world’s finest mattress; The Legacy

The wait is finally over. We’ve spent years detailing the specifications we would need to craft the perfect mattress. With no compromise on comfort, quality or durability, it meant waiting for just the right British materials to become available. After all, perfection can’t be rushed.

The Legacy bed has been designed with three components that contain the highest quality Natural fibres, including British woven fabrics, all working in perfect harmony.

The story of the Legacy mattress

We have spent the last couple of decades detailing everything you could possibly need to know about mattresses and bed making. Explaining the often confusing world of bed retailers, misleading descriptions, fanciful claims and the sometimes-dubious latest technology. We have answered to date over 4000 online comments scrutinising other bed retailers and mattress models. Their claims of the best bed, the most luxurious, the splendid, the sublime, have all come and gone just like all marketing patterns. In with the new out with the old.

However, we as the mattress geeks knew that we could, if the materials were available, create the worlds finest mattress without marketing spin.  Our quest to create the perfect mattress didn’t happen overnight (pun intended).

We wanted to make a luxury mattress that showcased:

  • The Best of British Natural Fibres
  • The Finest Craftsmanship
  • Use Traditional Manufacture Methods
  • The Worlds Finest Mattress

We’ve spent years detailing the specifications we would need for the Worlds Finest mattress. Then it was time for patience whilst we created a bespoke supply chain just for us to source the materials that meet our standards for this mattress.

The Legacy Mattress Construction

The Legacy has been designed with 3 components which all work in perfect harmony.

  1. Mattress
  2. Base Pad
  3. Sprung edge base

The mattress has a different comfort feel on each side, meaning you can finally tweak the feel of your mattress over time as your preferences may change. You may find that after that week spent on holiday you fancy a firmer sleep surface or if you’ve suddenly developed an ache from too much effort in the gym, you can flip it for a slightly softer sleep surface. Then we have our revolutionary base pad and sprung edge base. The detail and layers are (nearly) endless.

Mattress upholstery and support detail

The Legacy mattress detail could warrant an entire article alone. Not only have we sourced Britain’s finest upholstery, but we have sourced brand-new materials such as British Alpaca and Natural Plant Flax Fibre to take this mattress to the next level in terms of comfort and durability. This is a two-sided, twin comfort mattress.

We have carefully selected two different comfort layers, one for each side. This gives you the option to tweak the feel of the mattress should you wish.

There are zero synthetic fibres in this mattress and each upholstery layer has been carefully chosen to be:

  • Breathable
  • High wicking
  • Sourced using the smallest carbon footprint possible
  • UK based wherever possible

Side 1 – Softer Side

The soft side is achieved by using the finest British Alpaca wool in the very top upholstery layer. Renowned for its smooth fine silky fibres, this layer gives the softest sink before the support of the cotton and horsehair give careful resistance to the sleeper. There is no worry of excess heat building up as both the Alpaca, Horsehair and Flax are all incredibly breathable. This is our first mattress to include Organic Flax. This provides similar properties to horse hair but is a more durable insulator layer as has a lower loft in comparison. It’s one of only two natural plant layer fibres we have used in our mattresses.

Support Layer

  • Calico Spring Layer vanadium coated (1.4 Gauge Medium Spring)

It would have been easy to add multiple spring options for this mattress to further detail its status as the world finest mattress. After careful design, we decided it simply doesn’t need it. We are firm believers in the art of simplicity where possible.

Calico medium

The medium gauge pocket spring that we have manufactured in Yorkshire by a bespoke machinist provides the perfect support level for sleepers. For the lightest of sleepers, the high loft and GSM of the comfort layers will provide more than adequate support and for the heavier sleeper the horsehair, hemp and pocket spring combination will provide a supportive yet forgiving sleep surface.

In lower GSM mattresses the spring tension option is required to balance out the weight of the sleeper. However, in the Legacy, the multiple parts of the mattress coupled with the upholstery make this unnecessary.

Side 2 – Firmer Side

  • English Swaledale wool 1200 GSM (Top layer)
  • Cambric hair proof cover
  • English Swaledale wool 1200 GSM
  • Cambric hair proof cover
  • Horsetail 1200 GSM
  • Organic Flax 1000 GSM layer (Insulator)

The firmer side of the Legacy is achieved by the use of Swaledale wool as the top layer. It has a coarse fibre characteristic compared to Alpaca and has more resistance. Meaning this side has a firmer comfort feel to it for when you may want a little less sink in your mattress. We have added two layers separated by a cambric cover to minimise any compression between the two layers, often found in high loft wool mattresses. The beauty is that you can turn and flip this mattress as your preferences or circumstances change and it will feel like a new mattress each time.

Swaledale Sheep
Swaledale Sheep from Yorkshire

Mattress Detailing

They say the devil is in the detail and we pride ourselves in focusing in on the intricacies of mattress design. For the Legacy, we wanted to continue the Best of British theme even to the border padding. We have included an eye-watering 1000 GSM border filling of British Wool. Giving a plush padded side wall to the mattress that contains 4 rows of genuine hand side stitching.

We have an article here on what exactly hand side stitching is, other than incredibly time consuming and very much essential for a mattress of this calibre! It ensures that each edge pocket spring is carefully sewn to the padded border, meaning no bulging or separation between the side wall and the main mattress. This is a true art form and takes hours to complete by skilled craftsmen.

Bonded wool and cotton

The mattress has 4 handles featuring the John Ryan insignia and is tufted again, using pure wool tufts fitted by hand in Yorkshire.

The mattress ticking features our John Ryan Monogrammed Cotton cover with a matt finish.

Legacy Base Pad

We have long yearned to be able to offer a mattress with a first of a kind base pad.

Why may you ask?

Our unique base pad adds yet another progressive layer between a sprung edge base and a mattress. Utilising a total of 4400 GSM to garner the next level of exacting support. After much trial and detailing we have after 5 long years been able to now source the necessary fibres and importantly short height spring to create the base pad. The base pad also helps extend the life of not just the base but the mattress also. The base pad alone is superior in construction and comfort to most mattresses.

Legacy Base Pad Specification

  • 1000 GSM Alpaca Fleece
  • 1200 GSM English Swaledale Wool
  • 1300 4 inch Calico Encased Vanadium Coated Pocket Springs (1.6 Gauge Firm Springs)

Made in Yorkshire and upholstered with 1200 GSM of pure English Swaledale wool topped with 1000 GSM of Luxury Alpaca fleece. This provides progressive support and acts as a bridge between the sprung edge base and the mattress.

The 1.6 gauge spring provides the correct amount of support for the sleeper and additional mattress layers which rest on top of it.

Sprung Edge Base

Our sprung edge base has so many features that we have a full detailed article on it here. However, if you want the highlights please read on to understand how we have completed the Legacy mattress.

The final part of the Legacy is the Sprung edge base which we have countersunk into the frame to reduce the height. There are no drawer options available with this base, for the simple reason that we don’t want anything to detract from the beauty and comfort of this mattress. We also imagine you already have your own delightful bedroom furniture or linen cupboards.

Legacy Base Specification

  • 1000 GSM Cashmere Wool
  • 1200 GSM English Swaledale Wool
  • 1300 Calico Encased Vanadium Coated Pocket Springs (1.6 Gauge Firm Springs)

This bed frame is fully upholstered with 100% British Wool woven by Mitchel Interlex to our own thread specification giving it a luxurious and robust finish. Our unique fabric has a matte finish and is smooth to the touch. The fabric is available in our two heritage colours:

  • York Stone Grey
  • Chorley Cream

We use a teeth lock system instead of linking bars to join the two halves of the mattress together ensuring zero movements. This new innovative system again removes the need for external clutter on the base, keeping the design clean and neat. The teeth lock system once connected provides the ultimate stable linking system. Even the roughest brute would not be able to accidentally separate the mattress bases. Unless of course, they release the cleverly designed mechanism from the underside, which would need to be far from accidental!

Lastly, the base uses British made Shepherd castors from Kendricks which use a screw thread. Cheaper castors use a grommet that the caster arm is forced into. This can easily become damaged if you need to remove the casters. Which is fine for cheaper retail mattresses, but we moved to Kendricks screw in castors a while back for all of our Artisan ranges. Only the best will do for such fine crafted mattresses. If you ever need to replace the castors they screw out neatly, it also helps prevent squeaking which can occur on older castors as there are less moving parts.

The Legacy Mattress Specification Sheet

We like to let the figures speak for themselves with the Legacy.

Legacy Data SheetUpholstery GSMSpring Count (Kingsize)
Base Pad4,4001,300
Sprung Edge Base2,4001,300
Total Bed Frame SizeDimensionsDepth of Sprung BaseMattress DepthBase Pad Depth
Single 3′3 x 6’6″ (110cm x 200cm)13" / 33cm (with Castors 15" 38cm)11" / 28cm8.5" / 22cm
Double 4’9″ x 6’6″ (149cm x 200cm)13" / 33cm (with Castors 15" 38cm)11" / 28cm8.5" / 22cm
King 5′3 x 6’9″ (162cm x 210cm)13" / 33cm (with Castors 15" 38cm)11" / 28cm8.5" / 22cm
Super King 6′3 x 6’9″ (192cm x 210cm)13" / 33cm (with Castors 15" 38cm)11" / 28cm8.5" / 22cm
King Zip & Link5′3 x 6’9″ (162cm x 210cm)13" / 33cm (with Castors 15" 38cm)11" / 28cm8.5" / 22cm
Super King Zip & Link6′3 x 6’9″ (192cm x 210cm)13" / 33cm (with Castors 15" 38cm)11" / 28cm8.5" / 22cm
Extra King Zip & Link6′3 x 6’6" (192cm x 200cm)13" / 33cm (with Castors 15" 38cm)11" / 28cm8.5" / 22cm
HeadboardsStandard Height 50" Plus additional 3 inch / 8cm in width 13" / 33cm (with Castors 15" 38cm)11" / 28cm8.5" / 22cm


So there we have it, we have finally been able to create what we believe to be the world’s finest mattress. We have sourced as many UK fibres as possible to create the Legacy. Every previous niggle and design flaw has been eliminated in this model. It offers you not only multiple sleep surfaces but tensions to ensure that as your preference changes, the Legacy accommodates you. We welcome you to get in touch to discuss the Legacy further with our small friendly team.

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