May 2019

The Rise of Natural Plant Fibres Being Used in Mattresses

It’s safe to say that over the last few years the popularity of Natural Fibre mattresses has only continued to grow. In particular, mattresses that use Natural Plant Fibres are on the rise, with many sleepers opting for them instead of animal fibres.

But what exactly has caused this rise? And what makes Natural Plant Fibres in mattresses a great choice for you?

Excellent ethical materials


Unlike synthetic alternatives, Natural Plant Fibres can be continually replenished over time, and their supply isn’t nearly as limited as animal fibres. The plants that produce these fibres can be grown and harvested over and over, which has numerous environmental benefits, such as the absorption of C02.

Mattresses that use these Natural Plant Fibres are great for the environment, and even the organic wastes produced during processing can be recycled and used elsewhere. For example, Organic Plant Flax is pretty much waste-free, as the oil pressed from flax seeds can be used in a wide range of other products.

Vegetarian and vegan friendly

Like many other people, you might be leading a vegetarian or vegan focused lifestyle, which means having a suitable mattress that doesn’t use any animal products or fibres is a must. Thankfully, mattresses that use Natural Plant Fibres are perfectly suited for this, and we have a number of vegan and vegetarian friendly mattresses, such as our Origins Reflex.

Effective temperature regulation

Natural Plant Fibres are not only incredibly breathable, they have extremely effective moisture wicking properties. For anyone who happens to be a hot sleeper, a mattress that uses Natural Plant Fibre fillings can be a perfect solution to help you sleep soundly. Take Bamboo for example, which can quickly wick away moisture from your body, providing you with a comfortable temperature throughout the night. It can keep you cool in the summer, and nice and warm on colder nights.

That fantastic feel

artisan sublime natural bamboo mattress

One of the main reasons why these fibres have become so popular as a mattress filling is of course how they make you feel. These Natural Plant Fibres are able to cater to any preference, thanks to the fact that they can be used individually, coupled together, and interchanged, to create a sleep surface that perfectly comforts and supports any sleeper.

These fibres are some of the most resilient and best quality fibre fillings that you can find. Their responsiveness and breathability will perfectly compliment any soft, medium or firmer feeling mattress. For example, our Artisan Sublime mattress uses twin layers of vanadium coated Calico pocket springs that are exquisitely enhanced by Natural Organic Plant fibres, along with soft Alpaca. This combination creates an incredibly luxurious, medium feel, supportive and comforting sleep experience.

Joh Ryan Legacy mattress

However, for the ultimate example of a mattress that uses the world’s finest fibres, look no further than the John Ryan Legacy. Not only have we poured every ounce of our expertise and passion into crafting the most perfect mattress; we also scoured the UK for the finest, 100% traceable, Natural Fibres to fill it with. We’ve put the absolute best of British upholstery and hand-crafted heritage together to create the most irresistibly satisfying sleep experience possible.  

If you’re looking to take advantage and invest in a mattress that’s eco-friendly, breathable, responsive, and feels incredible – then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today on 0161 437 4419. We can help find the perfect layers of Natural Plant Fibres to ensure you find the right mattress.

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