February 2019

Zip and Link Mattress: An Ideal Solution For You And Your Partner

Having quality sleep time on a regular basis is an essential part of maintaining your health and wellbeing. However, sleep can often get disturbed when we share our bed with a partner. Sleeping with a partner can be a wonderful and peaceful experience, but if you are both very different weights you may struggle to find a mattress to suit you both. This can lead to a number of disturbances, such as rolling together at night.

This is why a high-quality Zip and Link Mattress can be the ideal solution for you and your partner.

What is a Zip and Link Mattress?

zip link mattress

Essentially a Zip and Link Mattress is actually two separate mattresses that are linked together to form one bed. They can also be separated to form two smaller mattresses if and when they need to be. This type of mattress can offer complete flexibility, especially when it comes to accommodating partners sleeping together.

Each Zip and Link Mattress can been crafted with a completely different spring tension on each side, which allows the mattress to cater to the requirements of both sleepers, and their individual weights.

At John Ryan, we offer 3 standard sizes of Zip and Link mattresses:

King size ziplink (5’0 x 6’6) – Comprising of 2 x 2’6″ x 6’6″ beds

Extra king ziplink (6’0 x 6’3) – Comprising of 2 x 3’0″ x 6’3″ beds

Super king ziplink (6’0 x 6’6) – Comprising of 2 x 3’0 x 6’6″ beds

How can you benefit from a Zip and Link Mattress?

zip and link mattress

Rolling together with your partner at night will be a thing of the past with a quality Zip and Link Mattress. This is because each side of the bed works independently of each other, so that you and your partner’s body weights will both be individually supported. Springs can compress in the centre of a mattress causing you to naturally roll to the middle, but this compression is minimised with Zip and Link.

One half of the bed can have a totally different tension spring to the other. Meaning if you prefer a firmer feel and your partner prefers a softer sensation, you’ll both be getting the sleep experience you want in one bed.

Also, another benefit of a Zip and Link Mattress is that it can be far easier to get it into your bedroom than a king or super king mattress. Most stairwells cannot take a full super king size mattress to be delivered, but a Zip and Link can be easily manoeuvred and delivered separately as two single mattresses. Of course you can always separate the two mattresses whenever you want, to suit your requirements.

You’ll certainly sleep better when sharing a bed with your partner that has been crafted specifically to reduce disturbances and to cater to both your individual needs, in terms of quality comfort and support. Take advantage of the flexible split tensions with our luxurious Zip and Link Mattresses, and you’ll be able to enjoy a serene slumber together, every single night.

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