March 2019

How Natural Fibres In Your Mattress Can Help With Aches And Pains

Nagging neck and back pains are one of the biggest causes of disrupted sleep, and unfortunately, many people regularly wake up to aches and pains in the morning. Some only experience the acute pain that comes from an injury or illness, but for others, it can stem from stress and their sleeping position. However, often the main culprit for consistent morning pains is your mattress.

A poor quality mattress can exacerbate chronic pain, and this will then have a negative impact on your sleep. Leading to fatigue, decreased appetite, mood changes, and of course constant aches and pains. Improving the quality of your sleep won’t completely cure chronic pain, but it will offer both healing and restoration for your body.

Your mattress makes a big difference when it comes to improving your sleep, and choosing a Natural Fibre mattress that uses organic materials will certainly help to relieve any aches and pains.

What natural fibres work best? And how do they help?

We have detailed on hundreds of our Question and Answers why not all mattresses are created equal. We have also discussed at length the drawbacks with cheaper synthetic materials and foams.

This is why choosing a mattress that’s made with Natural and Organic materials can be really beneficial for your body when it comes to getting a better night’s sleep. Here we give you our quick review of the Natural Fibres that really work best in a mattress.

Natural Sheeps Wool

swaledale sheep

Wool is one of the best materials we use on our Natural Fibre mattresses, and of course we only use the best of British wool, which has been locally sourced. It’s an almost magical natural fibre, which is able to regulate temperature and be incredibly breathable, to create a very responsive and comforting sleep experience. It’s also resilient, making it very supportive as it cradles the curves of your body, so that no part of you is left feeling the pressure.

Your joints will be prevented from heating up while your body is supported. It has been reported that wool can actually help to relieve any inflammation and joint stress.  A Natural wool fibre mattress can ensure your pressure points are gently soothed by wool which is highly breathable and super resilient. Far more than heat-retentive polyester and White fibre.

Horsetail & Horsehair

mattress horse hair

Horsehair is one of the strongest Natural fibres available for mattress construction. It’s fibres can be plaited and then heat treated to create a set of fibres that act as mini springs. This fibre is incredibly expensive due to its limited supply chain. However, it offers the most advanced rebound rates of any natural fibre making it an excellent spring insulator and support layer below other softer comfort layers. Both our Artisan Luxury and Artisan Bespoke use Horsetail/Horsehair in their upholstery layers.

Natural Latex

Natural Latex is a material that offers superior comfort and it’s also hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant; making it a great choice if you suffer with sensitive skin, pain or discomfort from chemical sensitivities, or mold allergies. Thanks to its durability, it can carry on offering great support for years.

Unlike other foams, it’s not heat retentive and has a rapid response rate, which means it can quickly return to its original shape. Plus, it’s able to perfectly conform to the geography of your entire body, easing pressure on your joints, thanks to its natural elasticity. A quality latex mattress that has been constructed with solid core latex can certainly relieve aches and pains, and provide a better night’s sleep.


british alpacas

Alpaca is an extremely fine fibre and unsurprisingly is highly sought after for crafting the best quality of mattresses. Not only is it naturally super soft and smooth, but it’s also high wicking and works wonders for temperature regulation.

It requires less processing compared to wool and offers a low rebound level, making it ideal for use as a top comfort layer for superior comfort and support for your body. Our first Alpaca mattress is the Artisan Bespoke 003, which features 5300 GSM of 100% Natural fibres and 1000 GSM of Alpaca. This allows the mattress to stay cooler when it’s hot and warmer when it’s cold; with breathability that eases any potential inflammation or stress on your joints.

Cotton – the multi functional fibre

Cotton makes another fantastic Natural Fibre filling for a mattress, thanks to its breathable, lightweight and hypoallergenic qualities, along with the fact that it’s an incredibly soft fabric to the touch.

As well as being clean and safe for sensitive individuals, Cotton is very supportive because it compresses minimally over time. When blended with wool, it can actually reduce the compression of the wool, keeping its loft. In a mattress, this minimal compression can help to keep your back elevated and in a straight position, which can reduce any tension or strain on the spine.

Natural fibreCost / Availability
AlpacaVery expensive (low supply chain)
Bamboo Average price (good supply chain)
CamelVery expensive (low supply chain)
CashmereExpensive (good supply chain)
Cattle HairAverage price (good supply chain)
CoirAverage price (good supply chain)
CottonVery expensive (good supply chain)
FlaxAverage price (good supply chain)
HempAverage price (good supply chain)
Horsetail Very expensive (low supply chain)
Horsehair Less expensive (good supply chain)
MohairExpensive (low supply chain)
SilkVery expensive (low supply chain)
VicunaVery Expensive (Most expensive natural fibre in the world)
WoolModerate to expensive (good supply chain)

These are just a few examples of the Natural Fibre components that can help relieve pain, and choosing them in your mattress will soon see your sleepless nights become a thing of the past.

At John Ryan, we have a wide range of tailored and tested Natural Fibre mattress, which are filled with luxurious layers of the finest Natural Fibres available. All our mattresses can fully cater to any aches and pains, leaving you to wake up feeling rested and refreshed in the morning.

For more information about mattresses for aches and pains, get in touch on 0161 437 4419.

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