November 2020

Made to measure beds, mattresses and bases

Whilst mattresses and beds come in a number of standard sizes sometimes you need something more unusual. If you've just spontaneously bought that antique bedframe you always wanted or moved into a dream houseboat. Perhaps you need a bed for a tall sleeper? The chances are standard mattress sizes just won't work.

Updated 2020: A bespoke mattress size made just for you could be just what you are looking for. This article explains all about our bespoke mattress and bed making service. Meaning you can finally find the perfect fit with your new mattress.

Why buy a bespoke sized mattress?

Why would you need a bespoke size mattress in the first place? Well, mattress sizes haven’t always been standardised. So older bed frames and bases may have been individually made for all sorts of room sizes. In particular antique bed bases and frames can be all sorts of weird any wonderful sizes. Especially if they themselves were built to fit a room. The designer may have made them longer or shorter to be better proportioned to the original room or the original owner.

People also no longer exclusively live in traditional houses or apartments. The rise in houseboat ownership (just have a nosey down the river Thames for some awesome examples), mobile homes, campervans and designer living spaces has caused an increase in bespoke mattress orders. Then when you visit your local mattress retailer, it dawns on you that a standard mattress either won’t fit or is going to leave unsightly gaps or overhangs on your new bed.

This is where a bespoke sized handmade mattress can be the solution to your problem.

Mattresses made for taller people

You may also require a bespoke made to measure mattress because you are taller than the average bed length accommodates. Some sleepers require a 7ft mattress or even longer. No one wants their toes sticking out the end or a crushed neck when they go to bed, so a made to measure mattress could be the solution. Our mattresses can be extended in length in 6″ increments. We have a more detailed article here on mattress choices for taller people.

Made to measure mattresses

Made to measure beds means no more gaps or awkward fittings for your bespoke bed frame or bedroom. It means that the mattress fits snugly into whatever shaped bedframe you have.

We can offer our entire Artisan range in bespoke sizes. We always recommend you get in touch with our small friendly team for advice on which model best suits your needs. If you’re new to buying a mattress then this article on what to look out for will help give you the basics. You’re basically going to be looking at your bodyweight, GSM of upholstery, spring gauge and preferred comfort. This is where our team can help save you much head-scratching!

Bespoke Mattress Sizes that can be custom orderedFeet & InchesCentimeters
2ft9 x 6ft291cm x 190cm
3ft x 6ft690cm x 200cm
4ft x 6ft6120cm x 200cm
4ft8 x 6ft3146cm x 192cm
5ft3 x 6ft6
160cm x 202cm
5ft5 x 6ft5170cm x 200cm
5ft5 x 6ft5183cm x 199cm
6ft x 6ft5180cm x 198cm
6ft x 7ft4184cm x 228cm
6ft3 x 6ft6193cm x 203cm
6ft6 x 6ft6200cm x 200cm
6ft6 x 6ft6220cm x 200cm
Bespoke Headboard Sizes can be custom made
40" in total height 20" x 20"
44" in total height 24" x 20"
Bespoke Bed Base sizes can be custom madeCan be made to measure please get in touch
All of our Artisan models can be made to measure
All of our Artisan models can be made to measure
Meaning the perfect fit for your bed without compomise
Meaning the perfect fit for your bed without compomise

How much is a made to measure mattresses?

Our bespoke Artisan mattress making service does carry an additional 10% charge for each 6-inch increment, for example.

Eg. The Artisan Naturals in a kingsize (5’ x 6’6”)  is £1140 (June 2018) including delivery. If you require a mattress that was 5’ x 7’ then this would be an additional 10% on the standard Artisan Naturals kingsize price taking the total to £1280.

Artisan Naturals Outlet Mattress template

In order to place an order for bespoke size mattress please contact the office directly for a quote. This is only available with products from the Artisan range. Our friendly team can talk you through the options if you prefer over the phone on 0161 437 4419.

Not all bed bases and headboards will fit into every property, the need for reduced height headboard and mattress bases is becoming more common. Those odd L shaped staircases, sloping roof lines and awkward small doorways of old period properties can make buying a new bed a nightmare. Once again a bespoke handmade headboard and base can help you achieve your perfect mattress without scuffed walls and frustration!

We are able to produce a variety of heights on our Origins and Artisan bed bases, the only base model we cannot alter is our Ottoman base, however, you can still have drawers in normal height bases for storage. We can also make the base in 4 parts rather than 2 where access is an issue.

Reduced Height Headboards

We can reduce the heights of headboards to allow access to rooms. The choices are on either the back side of the headboard, the area used to fasten the headboard with universal fitting screws to the base, or the padded area of the headboard that is used in the display. These are requests that are more common with attic conversions/bungalows. Again, our team can talk through which side the alterations would be necessary too and to ensure a symmetrical aesthetic.


Our Origins headboards are 54” in height whilst the Artisan headboards are 48” in height as standard. There’s a 10% additional charge for alterations to headboards for every 6inch alteration.

Reduced height bed bases

Reduced height bases can be made down to 6” with 2” for casters, or glide feet, but in order to reduce the height of the bed base by this much, you would lose the ability to have drawers in your base.

Reduced height bases also removes the ability to have drawers

All bespoke order reductions are charged at an additional 10 % of the standard price, all bespoke extensions on a standard size are charged at 10% extra per 6” increment, please contact the office directly for a quote.

What guarantee covers my made to measure bed?

All bespoke orders are covered by our standard guarantee. Giving you peace of mind.

However, due to the bespoke nature of this service, there is no love it or return it guarantee. Our 60 day love it or return it guarantee does not apply to any made to measure products.  So unless you believe it is faulty there’s no exchange or return period. We always advise that you speak to our team directly about custom orders to make sure we provide you with the most suitable mattress, base and headboard for your needs.

Gatsby bedframe sketch


If you have a hand made bed frame or antique bed base the chances are a bespoke sized mattress will be necessary to fit it correctly. However, you don’t need to sacrifice on quality as all of our beds can be made to bespoke sizes.

Want to chat more about a bespoke sized bed? Why not give our small friendly office a call on 0161 437 4419 or email us on [email protected]

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