January 2022

What is Tampico? The natural vegan mattress fibre uncovered

Tampico is one of the latest fibres to hit vegan mattress manufacturing across the world. Is it a new wonder fibre or has it been around for centuries? We explain exactly what is Tampico and why it's used in a select few vegan mattresses.

With the market for animal-free mattress fibres becoming more popular there are some seemingly new additions to mattress upholstery fibres making an appearance. Tampico is one of the latest fibres to be used in vegan mattresses which we have discussed at length here.

Vegan mattress on Midnight Hopsack Base

So lets take a look at Tampico a bit closer.

What is Tampico fibre?

Tampico fibre is made from the materials of a plant in areas of northern Mexico. Tampico is also known by its true plant name of “Agave Lechugilla” which grows in semi-arid conditions. You probably better recognise the Agave as a tropical architectural plant of smaller indoor house plants with broad spikey fleshy leaves.

Tampico natural fibre growing wild

Is Tampico a new fibre?

Tampico is not a new fibre at all but has been around for centuries. it’s only more recently started to be used in super high-end mattresses like Savoirs No4 Vegan mattress here in the UK.

Tampico has been exported for centuries all over the world. In the past Tampico has been used to make rope, cords or as a brush head material.

Is Tampico a good natural fibre?

Tampico fibre is a very resistant and durable natural material. The additional benefit is that it has a delicate, fine and soft texture.  It also has potential abrasive qualities which is why it’s often used around the world as bristles for brushes and brooms when used in its more raw state. Tampico has good water retention, breaks down quickly when composted and has good resistance to both chemicals and heat. Making it a really resilient fibre for mattresses a bit similar to coir or hemp.

What is Tampico used for?

Tampico has been described as “Mexico’s natural wonder” because of its multi-functional natural properties. This fibre is used as an all-natural filling for all sorts of brushes, brooms, tough bristles and mats.

Tampico brooms all lined up

the UK's Plant Based Vegan Mattress..
Why settle for man made foam based Vegan mattresses?

This entirely Plant Fibre-based Vegan latex mattress takes comfort and responsibility to the next level. With very few true Vegan mattresses on this market, we have designed this model to use the best Natural Plant Fibres and Latex to bring you the perfect nights sleep. If you have allergies with animal fibres then the Artisan Latex provides an alternative that’s entirely plant-based.

Unlike boxed foam mattresses such as Casper, Eve, Simba Leesa and Made this model contains no synthetic foams or man-made polyester. Just 100% Natural plant fibres. Boxed foam mattresses claim to be Vegan friendly but this is because they are using man made foam, so whilst true its an entirely chemically synthetic product.

Containing Coir Coconut fibre, Organic Flax, Talalay latex, Rebound Cotton and Natural Bamboo this mattress provides deep comfort for the sleeper. The comfort layers are responsive to the sleeper wanting a cushioning sink before the 1500 Pocket spring unit provides the support. We’ve topped this off with a Chemical-free Damask cover.

Our Artisan Latex Vegan mattress is a two-sided mattress meaning you can use both sides of the mattress, unlike memory foam or boxed rolled mattresses. 2-sided mattresses have a far longer life span than cheaper foam beds.

This model comes with a full 10-year guarantee.

Artisan Latex Vegan Mattress
Artisan Latex Vegan Mattress
1 200GSM Bamboo Fibre
2 1500GSM Rebound Cotton
3 3cm Talalay Latex (Graphite Free)
4 450GSM Organic Flax Fibre
5 1000GSM Coconut Coir Fibre as the insulator
6 1500 Calico Encased Vanadium Coated Pocket Springs (Soft, Medium or Firm Tension Choices)
Total GSM: 3150
Chemical Free Natural Cover
Rated Excellent Trustpilot
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Shopping for a vegan-friendly bed is getting easier as more and more high-end mattress retailers recognise the need to use natural plant fibres more. Plant fibres offer you the Luxury of Natural Fibres without resorting to cheaper polyester.

Wherever possible Natural Fibres should be chosen as they far outperform synthetic man-made alternatives. They are also less damaging to the environment making them a far more ethical choice.

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