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What to expect from your new mattress?

Knowing what to expect from your new mattress can be confusing. If you've just bought a new mattress after possibly weeks of research or testing out beds in showrooms the first few nights on a new mattress may feel strange or unfamiliar. So we have written this guide on exactly what to expect from your new mattress to provide some reassurance.

It can be really exciting waiting for your new mattress to arrive. Especially if you’ve done your new mattress research and taken expert advice. Finally, you’re ready to jump into your new bed!

Since you don’t change your mattress that often we thought it may be helpful to give you some hints and tips for when your new bed arrives so you can rest assured you’ll be sleeping soundly.

How long does it take to get used to a new mattress?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions.

A new mattress can take around 4-5 weeks to fully get used to.

Don’t be alarmed though, like a new pair of shoes a brand new mattress will take some time to get used to. Some people adjust far quicker than others too. It’s probably going to feel vastly different to your old worn mattress and it will take you some time to fully adjust to it. Sleeping on it for a couple of nights is not long enough to truly work out if the mattress is for you, you need to give it more time.

Handmade tufted mattress
A new mattress will take 4-5 weeks for you to get used to its true feel.

Often sleepers on old uncomfortable mattresses have become so used to awkward sleeping that when they get a new quality mattress it feels odd. You’re not alone. However, bear in mind that after a few nights you are bound to start to feel far more at home in it. Given a mattress lasts on average 7 years, though our models fair considerably longer with the correct maintenance, a few nights of possible uncertainty is worth it in the long run.

My new mattress feels nothing like the one in the showroom?

You may find that when you get your new mattress it doesn’t feel like the one you ‘tried’ in the showroom. The issue is most people don’t spend any longer than 2 minutes on the showroom models at any one time. This is relatively useless in telling you whether the mattress is suitable for you in the long term. If you’re choosing a mattress solely on lying on it fully clothed in a showroom the chances are you’re still just guessing about what mattress to buy.

A new mattress may feel much firmer than one in a showroom. This is entirely normal and it takes a week or two for a new mattress to completely settle. It’s worth bearing this in mind before thinking about sending it back. You too will also need to adjust to the new mattress!

Our models contain some of the highest volumes of Natural Fibres. The Artisan Sublime features 5400GSM of 100% Natural Fibres.

Secondly, the models in the showroom may be a week old or 3 years old, that means that they have had hundreds of people each day jumping, slouching and sitting on them. Very few of these mattresses are ever really turned or rotated meaning that the feel of them can be vastly different from your new mattress initially. This is why trying a mattress in a showroom is pretty much meaningless.

Also, don’t forget to ask what kind of bed base they are on. Is it a slatted entry-level base? A platform top or sprung divan? The differences between them are quite significant and will affect the feel of the mattress considerably.

A new mattress is like a new pair of shoes...
A new mattress is like a new pair of shoes...
It can take 4-5 weeks to get used to your new bed.
It can take 4-5 weeks to get used to your new bed.

Have I picked the wrong new mattress?

The only way to properly assess which mattress is suitable is by following our quick guide to selecting the best mattress for you. It may very well blow your mind! This guide shows you that you need to choose the right spring tension for your weight, upholstery layers for your prefered comfort and know exactly what the retailer has put in their mattresses along with the GSM of the fibres. If you can’t find this out then, unfortunately, you’re still left guessing.

If you’re going to buy a bed from a showroom you need to make sure the salesperson has taken into consideration your body weight. Look at the product description of the mattress you’re looking at as well. if there is no GSM then you have no idea as to the depth or amount of fillings.

My new mattress has a new smell? Is it normal?

It’s perfectly normal for a new mattress to have a ‘new’ smell. Be aware though that synthetic mattresses such as foams, polyester and other man-made materials may have a stronger and longer off-gassing period than a Natural Fibre mattress. Some people are really sensitive to this initial chemical smell so again it is worthwhile finding out the exact contents of the mattress before you buy it. If in doubt, Natural fibre filled mattresses are less likely to fill your house with that ‘new’ smell. Ventilation is the key to help your new bed offgass quickly.

Sometimes Natural Fibre mattresses may have an earthy smell at first, some people likening it to the outdoors. Again this will pass over time and good ventilation during the first week or so should help it dissipate and this smell is completely natural.

When should I turn my new mattress?

You should turn and rotate your new mattress after the 1st month and each month after that. This ensures that over the lifespan of the mattress you are evening out wear and settlement. Remember all mattresses will initially settle and this is normal. By turning and rotating the mattress frequently you minimise the initial impact of this.

Zip & Link Mattresses can make turning & maintenance far easier in larger beds.

If you have a one-sided mattress, like pillowtop and memory foam versions you can’t turn it. So you can only rotate it. One-sided mattresses have a considerably shorter lifespan than a two-sided mattress so bear this in mind when choosing one. The benefit of No turn is simply a marketing scam.

My new mattress has developed ridges?

Settlement in a new mattress will start to happen as soon as you start to sleep on it. This is perfectly normal as the fillings ‘settle’ inside. It’s easy to ignore mattress care but if you do you may find a ridge, especially in the middle of the bed where no one usually sleeps forms. Care and maintenance can completely reduce this is followed diligently.

By turning and rotating your mattress each month you can even out these settlements. Bear in mind as well that in very large mattresses, such as Superking models, there may be areas of the bed that simply don’t get used, usually the very middle. In this case, you need to make sure you turn and rotate the minimise it. A Zip and link model is usually a better solution as you tend to get less of this issue as the bed is made of two separate mattresses which are zipped together. It also reduces movement and transference.

My new mattress is much thicker than expected?

Our mattresses have considerably more fillings than the average retail model. So if you’re buying a High-end Luxury mattress like a John Ryan, then you need to bear this in mind with sheets. We always advise you check out mattress sizes and weights page to see the exact dimensions.

Our Origins range are 12-13 inches deep, 30-33cm and the Artisan range are 11-12 inches deep 27-30cm. So you will need to use Extra deep fitted sheets. Also please bear in mind if you’re putting a John Ryan mattress onto an existing base that it can cope with the increased weight. We squeeze far more fillings into our beds than other retailers so bear this in mind!

Mattress SizeOrigins ComfortOrigins ReflexOrigins 1500Origins Latex 1500
Mattress SizeArtisan 1500Artisan Tailored PocketArtisan NaturalsArtisan Latex
Mattress SizeArtisan Bespoke 004Artisan LuxuryArtisan BespokeArtisan Bespoke 002

It’s completely normal for your brand new mattress to feel a little unusual at first. Like a new pair of shoes, you need to give yourself some time to get used to it. Given you’re probably undoing years of awkward sleeping positions on your old failing mattress you need to give yourself some time to adjust.

If you’ve taken expert advice and chosen a mattress suitable for both your weight and your comfort layer preferences then you should be able to find your dream mattress. If you’re stuck deciding between models why not give our team a shout, we can tell you everything that goes into our mattresses and advice on competitor models too. Here’s to many years of perfect sleep!

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