Is the Igel pegasus gold a good mattress?

Paul asked
23rd June 2015

I wish I’d known about you before ordering my new mattress from Bensons! However I hope, nevertheless, you will be willing to answer a cheeky question.
I chose the igel Pegasus gold, instead of which a Pure Bliss 6900 springs latex + wool + Egyptian cotton mattress has turned up.
I do not know the relative merits of each as the latter is showing as “out of stock” on their web site so it is hard for me to judge whether I should insist on getting what I ordered or keep what they sent, which does feel quite comfortable. What would you do? Thanks for any help you can give.

1 Answer
answered 4 years ago

Hi Paul,

I am unaware of the specific construction of each of the mattresses you refer to, however, what I would do is contact Bensons and ask them to forward a written specification for each of the models. You would need to know the density of latex, the GSM of upholstery and the gauge or tension of the springs they use.

Even if they no longer stock the Pure Bliss 6900, they should still be able to supply you with a specification sheet. At that point you will be in a better position to decide which is the better product. You can view our handmade latex mattress models here which should give you an idea of the detail you should expect to be given on the Bensons mattresses.

Please see below the cut out section of the Origins Pocket 1500 mattress.


Your bodyweightThis will feel
Under 10 Stone / 63kgVery Firm
10-12 Stone / 63-76kgFirm to Medium
12-14 Stone / 76-88kgMedium to Firm
14-16 Stone / 88-101kgMedium
16-18 Stone / 101-114kgMedium to Soft
18 Stone / 114kg PlusPlease call for advice

If you need any further assistance after receipt of the specifications, please call our office on 0161 437 4419

Please see our office opening times here.

Kind regards Gary