Should I buy an Eve Mattress?

Jayne asked
13th October 2015

Do you have any experience or feedback regarding the new Eve mattresses? The reviews have been extremely positive but I’m somewhat sceptical after purchasing one and finding a good night’s sleep is still eluding me.

For a start it keeps slipping down my divan (a Staples divan so good quality) which is a pain to constantly pull it back up.

More importantly I keep getting lower back ache. Maybe it’s all that pulling up of the mattress!

However, I love the fact there are no indentations, which was previously a major concern.

Could it be my sprung divan is to blame?

Most companies advise you to change your divan when you change your mattress but Eve, rightly or wrongly, don’t.

I’m still in the 100 day trial period and am considering returning it. If you are able to shed any light on the problems, then perhaps you could recommend something more suitable.

My husband is 13 stone and I’m 10.11. He can sleep on anything but I seem to have constant problems with mattresses, which is proving very costly. My main hate is indentations but I don’t see why the pay off for achieving a ‘flat’ sleep surface should be lower back pain.

1 Answer
answered 7 years ago

Hi Jayne,

Thanks for your question.

I am sorry to hear of the problems you are experiencing with your Eve mattress one of the boxed foam mattresses similar to Casper. Although they list their range as one size fits all it’s almost impossible for one mattress to suit all sleeper types, body weights, heights and comfort preferences. We always advise this claim to be taken with a pinch of salt as in reality you need to work out how your Eve mattress will feel for you and you alone which none of their retailers really explain.

The cause of your back issues may well be that the mattress, although indent free, is in fact too firm for you. If you’re not used to memory foam and it’s densities then you’re probably not best matched given your backache. It sounds like you need a more forgiving comfort later rather than the firmness and moulding of the Eve mattress. People often complain to us that with these boxed mattresses they get stuck in one position during the night which makes them develop back ache due to pressure loading during the night.

I cannot explain why it keeps moving down your divan base, but find it unlikely that it is due to you not replacing it when you bought your new mattress.

I would suggest that before returning the mattress, you enquire of the retailer what tension/feel the mattress is and if firm, you should look to exchange, if possible, for a medium tension mattress. If you are still under the 100 day guarantee then you should be absolutely fine to return it or swap it – I can’t comment definitively however as I don’t work for the retailer you purchased from.

If your options are restricted when you do contact them then why not check out our own products. We have 2 ranges of traditional pocket sprung mattresses (Origins and Artisan); The Origins range has synthetic fibres whereas the Artisan range has natural fillings. We’d guide anyone to the Artisan range who identifies as a hot sleeper as the natural fillings provide a cool sleep surface.


We then have our Latex and Hybrid Foam ranges; These ranges are ideal for pressure relief with the Latex bouncing back to it’s shape a lot quicker and the Hybrid range giving a more progressive sink.


I hope this has answered your questions fully but if you do have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact our office on 0161 437 4419. Our office is open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm.


Kind Regards, Lee.