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Why buy from John Ryan by Design?

This site contains over 4500 questions and answers on all things mattresses and beds. It's a confusing world out there and no doubt after trawling through all the bed sites and stores you will end up just pure frustrated and probably be no better off than when you started. Let us help you.

Our aim is to give you all the information needed to make an informed choice when buying a new bed. To help you achieve a better nights sleep.

We’ve spent decades showing you what other retailers try to hide when buying a mattress

1. We are John and Ryan fondly known by customers as The Mattress Geeks!

There is nothing we do not know about the manufacture and composition of all mattresses. This site was started in 2005 and over the years has become the most trusted and informative mattress site on the internet. About us 

2. GSM  ‘Grams per square metre’ is the one thing manufacturers and retailers do not want you to know about

Understanding and reading between the lines of sales jargon will also save you considerable time and sanity. Knowing this one thing alone will instantly identify to you which mattress is overpriced or a can’t be missed bargain. Know your GSM times table

3. You really do need to know ‘who owns what’ in order for you to make an informed purchase

The mattress industry is a multi-billion pound Goliath with many well-known brands belonging to the same investment company. We tell you the current state of the marketplace and what to look for. Who owns which mattress brand?

4. The budget you have available to spend on a mattress will influence what you can feasibly expect to get

Knowing what you can get for a particular amount of money will save you days if not weeks. Understanding your mattress

5.  There are over 4000 mattresses out there

The first thing you need to do is whittle down this huge choice into a more manageable set of options. This is easy enough once you know what to look for we show you how. How to compare mattresses

We provide you with all the details that other retailers wont show you
We provide you with all the details that other retailers wont show you
Allowing you to properly compare mattresses to get the best value for your money
Allowing you to properly compare mattresses to get the best value for your money

6. Every mattress out there can only be manufactured with one of three spring types and about a dozen or so upholstery materials

Bear in mind that the most expensive bed in the world retails at around £115,000 (The Savoir Royal State) Despite the price it can only be made to contain a certain composition and amount of materials. The same applies to all sprung mattress manufacturers. Once you know what these are your choice becomes considerably easier. We tell you what these materials are. Mattress construction basics

7. This site will give you as much or as little information that you may require

This is a compilation of our personal notes, thoughts and findings over the years and there is no other place on the internet that has this wealth of information. However,  If you just want quick,  honest, no-nonsense advice all you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call on 0161 437 4419.  Get in touch with our small and expert team

8. 60 days love it or return it guarantee on all our mattresses

No collection charges, no small print or any of that nonsense. You will be refunded entirely in full but also with the apology that this time we may have got it wrong. Our current success rate in helping people choose the perfect mattress consistently runs above 96%, without our customers seeing the mattress, touching the mattress it or even lying on the mattress. Although enviably good our ultimate aim is to get this to 100%. Guarantee

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9. This  site is entirely free to use

Advert and spam-free. This industry is a passion of ours and we want to share this knowledge with you in order to break the ludicrous rules of secrecy and confusion so prevalent in this industry.

10. We are extremely proud of the quality and value of  all the products we have designed

To be able to confidently offer you “the best mattress you can get for your money”. This is, of course, a bold claim and, therefore, the contents of our site have to go a long way to prove the validity of this statement.

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There is no easy way of putting all this information in any sort of order. Our ethics dictate that you should be entirely confident in your purchase from us and we want to demonstrate and prove as best we can how to achieve this. Our small friendly service team have complete specialised knowledge of this industry between them, and can easily help you with your queries whether you are buying from us or not.

Use our understanding beds information section to read articles or Ask us to ask a question and get a tailored answer.

Our Mission

To challenge the way that people traditionally buy a bed by making the whole process fuss and risk-free.

We aim to make premium quality goods affordable and accessible to all by being transparent, fair and providing unbeatable value.

Our Vision

To be recognised and valued by our customers as the most trusted online bed retailer.  In order to achieve our mission and realise our vision, we abide by the following values.

1. Reliability – We deliver our promises on time and right first time with high quality and superior performance.

2. Quality – A measure of our performance as experienced by our customers. Our success depends on our ability to always provide our customers with products and services that exceed their expectations.

3. Respect – By delivering and excelling in our values, we will earn and build the respect of our customers.

4. Integrity – We take care and pride in earning our customers trust through the integrity and reliability of the services we provide and the outcomes we deliver.

5. Innovation – The key to staying ahead of our competition by delivering great service to our customers. We invest in the development of our people and our products to ensure we are able to offer the most up to date and efficient service to our clients.

6. Educate – We educate our customers so that they make an informed choice when buying our products. We educate our people in leading technical knowledge to ensure we maintain our position as a trusted service provider.


Every decision we make in the business is measured against our Goal, Mission and Values. This ensures that we remain focused on what we set out to do. To provide the very best products, at the best price and with the very best service.

Enjoy our work!
John and Ryan.

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