What Is Coolblue?

Coolblue consists of an advanced PU-based foam. It is one of the latest developments in hybrid foams. Here we provide you with all the details about Coolblue foam to explain why it’s better than the heat retentive memory foam alternatives.

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What is Coolblue?

Coolblue is a hybrid mattress foam that has been developed by British Vita to overcome some of the complaints that memory foam has received over the years. The main complaints of memory foam are, that it’s incredibly slow to react once you’ve sunk into it and it gets really really hot.

It is less heat retentive when compared to memory foam making it a cooler foam. This means if you are a warm sleeper or have been put off by the heat of memory foam, then Coolblue could be a better alternative for you. In the summer months, memory foam is often criticised for being incredibly warm and making sleepers sweat profusely.

What is the density of Coolblue Foam?

It has a density of 70kg and is a firmer feel foam. This means it can provide a medium to firm support in mattress comfort layers depending on your bodyweight. We have however created a range with Coolblue that provides a medium to firm rating that is comparable to the Tempur Sensation models in term of similar feels, although the foams used are not the same as Tempur. Coolblue also returns to its original shape slightly quicker than memory foam making it more responsive.

Foam GradeFoam TypeDensity Min KG/M3Density Max KG/M3Hardness Min (N)Hardness Max (N)
Coolblue 70kgCoolblue Hybrid Foam657070100

Density and hardness are quoted according to in-house test methods based on BS EN ISO 845 and BS EN ISO 2439 respectively. Datasheets for all our foam can be found in the hybrids explained article.

What does Coolblue feel like?

For most people Coolblue has a medium to firm feel whilst allowing a slow sink into the foam, similar to memory foam. We use Coolblue in our Hybrid 5 model which have a similar feel to the Tempur Sensation mattress. We give a more detailed breakdown on comparing the Tempur models here. This model has a removable turnable topper which removes the issue of foam mattress being one-sided, which we detail here.

Our Hybrid 5 is a medium/firm feel using Coolblue in both the top two comfort layers. This gives a firmer support feel in the top layers whilst allowing a progressive sink into the mattress, great for people that want to be cradled by their mattress.

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We also offer a Coolblue mattress topper that can be used with any existing mattress. If you just want to firm up the top layer of your existing mattress or offer a more progressive comfort layer to your mattress then a topper could be the ideal solution for you.

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Coolblue is great for people who like the feel of memory foam but want a more sophisticated foam mattress which responds faster and is cooler than memory foam. It’s a great halfway house between the heat issues if memory foam and the fantastic response of latex but without the price tag of 100% natural latex.

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