What Is Coolblue?

Coolblue consists of an advanced PU-based foam. It is one of the latest developments in hybrid foams. Here we provide you with all the details about Coolblue foam to explain why it’s better than the heat retentive memory foam alternatives.

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What is Coolblue?

Coolblue is a hybrid mattress foam that has been developed by British Vita to overcome some of the complaints that memory foam has received over the years. The main complaints of memory foam are, that it’s incredibly slow to react once you’ve sunk into it and it gets really really hot.

It is less heat retentive when compared to memory foam making it a cooler foam. This means if you are a warm sleeper or have been put off by the heat of memory foam, then Coolblue could be a better alternative for you. In the summer months, memory foam is often criticised for being incredibly warm and making sleepers sweat profusely.

What is the density of Coolblue Foam?

It has a density of 70kg and is a firmer feel foam. This means it can provide a medium to firm support in mattress comfort layers depending on your bodyweight. We have however created a range with Coolblue that provides a medium to firm rating that is comparable to the Tempur Sensation models in term of similar feels, although the foams used are not the same as Tempur. Coolblue also returns to its original shape slightly quicker than memory foam making it more responsive.

Foam GradeFoam TypeDensity Min KG/M3Density Max KG/M3Hardness Min (N)Hardness Max (N)
Coolblue 70kgCoolblue Hybrid Foam657070100

Density and hardness are quoted according to in-house test methods based on BS EN ISO 845 and BS EN ISO 2439 respectively. Data sheets for all our foam can be found in the hybrids explained article.

What does Coolblue feel like?

For most people Coolblue has a medium to firm feel whilst allowing a slow sink into the foam, similar to memory foam. We use Coolblue in our Hybrid 5 model which have a similar feel to the Tempur Sensation mattress. We give a more detailed breakdown on comparing the Tempur models here. This model has a removable turnable topper which removes the issue of foam mattress being one sided, which we detail here.

Our Hybrid 5 is a medium/firm feel using Coolblue in both the top two comfort layers. This gives a firmer support feel in the top layers whilst allowing a progressive sink into the mattress, great for people that want to be cradled by their mattress.

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We also offer a Coolblue mattress topper that can be used with any existing mattress. If you just want to firm up the top layer of your existing mattress or offer a more progressive comfort layer to your mattress then a topper could be the ideal solution for you.

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Coolblue is great for people who like the feel of memory foam but want a more sophisticated foam mattress which responds faster and is cooler than memory foam. It’s a great halfway house between the heat issues if memory foam and the fantastic response of latex but without the price tag of 100% natural latex.

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  • Darren says:

    I’ve been looking at the Igel Athena in bensons and wonder how the I-gel compared to your Coolblue, I see from your shop that the hybrid range uses these foams. I like the feel of that bed but not the price tag and found your site through google. The site is excellent by the way!
    Can you describe how the Igel Athena from Bensons compares to say your John Ryan Contemporary Hybrid 6 Laygel and Hybrid 7 Coolblue?
    Many thanks

    Hi Darren, The I-gel Athena uses Benson’s new ‘i-gel foam’ but that is as much detail as they release on it. We know they state it reduces heat which is something that our Hybrid foams aim to address as well, but they don’t say how. As you may know memory foam does retain heat and many customers complain they get too hot. Obviously this depends on whether you are a warm sleeper or not. Hybrid foam has a lower visco elastic limit, meaning it doesn’t require as much heat to mould or react to your body. Our Coolblue is an advanced hybrid foam that is cooler than memory foam as it has a lower Visco-elastic threshold, ie doesn’t need as much heat to start to mould.

    In terms of the Athena I-gel, our John Ryan Contemporary Hybrid 6 and 7 bed range is significantly deeper with more progressive comfort. We have a 7.5cm Coolblue removable turnable topper which the Athena doesn’t. Also the Athena doesn’t give you the density of their foam, ours is 70kg Coolblue foam. The Athena has a higher spring count but this doesn’t necessarily mean its better. To fit that many springs in you would either use far smaller springs or two layers, its not clear from the description which method they use. Again they don’t state the gauge or type of spring. Our springs are medium gauge barrel springs. The FEPS method we use is also the box method, rather than they tray. This means the springs are entirely encased and never come into contact with the hybrid foam layer. Complaints with cheaper tray methods where the top of the springs rest against the memory foam have been they they can pierce/degrade the foam. The box method is the more robust manufacture technique that we recommend.

    In terms of tension the Hybrid 6 uses Laygel for the topper which is softer and more responsive, for a soft-medium tension. The John Ryan Contemporary Hybrid 7 uses Coolblue which is a firmer denser foam, it has the memory foam feel with a reduction in heat retention. I hope that helps.Lee.

  • Paul says:


    I’ve been speaking to you last couple of days about a med/firm mattress, the Thailand guy you remember!?

    So anyway I have a link to the pocketsprung Salus mattress which I’ve tried out and like the feel. I can get it for £670 down here in the south, you were of course comparing it to the Hybrid 7. Can you take it a quick look and confirm that you think yours would be a superior purchase albeit £750 for the king?

    Look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks.

    Hi Paul,

    I’ve done some research on the Salus you’ve been looking at it’s hard to be exact as the details around their components are very minimal, for example it doesn’t tell you the density of the foam or the gauge of the springs. The main differences between that and the hybrid 7 are:

    Hybrid uses coolblue which is a hybrid foam, more advanced than memory foam in that it is more responsive.
    Hybrid comes with a 7.5cm topper which is removable and turnable.
    Hybrid has fully boxed FEPs the Sallus doesn’t state this so we assume its tray FEPs, though we can’t be certain.
    Hybrid is 32.5cm deep.

    In terms of tension based on its description I’d assume it was 70kg memory foam and with that would say our tension is similar for coolblue.

    I’d summarise by saying you get a lot more bed for your money with the hybrid given the topper and depths. I hope that helps Paul. Lee

  • Kevin says:

    My wife and I have been looking to purchase a mattress from John Lewis called Sealy Posturepedic series 800, it has 1400 pocket springs plus 800 mini pockets topped by 8cm of Geltex foam, my wife likes the mattress feel as it supports her lower back arch, this mattress seems to align more to her body than normal pocket springs and standard memory foam. Do you have an alternative Please. Regards kevin

    Hi Kevin, The mattress you’ve seen is one of the new Sealy Hybrid Posturepedic Mattresses. These were released late last year at the National Bed Show. I don’t have too many reviews of them as they are a newcomer, I can’t really give too much detail on the mattress or Geltex itself but will tell you what I know.

    I did ask the Sealy scientists at the show about the composition and density of Geltex, which they wouldn’t tell me. They did show me some demonstrations of the foam. It’s less spongy in feel compared to memory foam and has a blue look to it. Not very helpful so far I know. What’s difficult is trying to compare products when I only have a handful of specifics on the material. Even the promotional material I have on Geltex doesn’t give me much detail.

    What I can do is compare to a medium mattress in my Hybrid collection with a similar construction method. The Hybrid 7 would be the closest. This is a combination of medium gauge barrel pocket springs, fully foam encased with a 7cm deep layer of 70kg cool blue hybrid foam. Coolblue is more reactive and less heat retentive to memory foam. It has a quicker response rate meaning it returns to its original shape much quicker. Maybe this is the sensation Geltex had that you’re wife liked? It then has a removable 7.5cm topper which can be fully turned and rotated. This is where we differ to the Sealy hybrid Posturepedic 800. Our hybrid 7 has a soft sinking sensation before medium support, giving that cradling feeling without the quicksand feel of traditional memory foam.

    Another factor to consider is the longevity of the bed, this is where a matching removable topper comes in. It allows you to fully turn it and therefore increase the life of the bed, this is because the Sealy Hybrid Posturepedic 800 is a one sided mattress. If you can provide me with your heights and weights I can provide some more advice on our Hybrid range Kevin.

  • Steven says:

    we’re looking for a king-size mattress. When we looked round Benson’s, we liked the iGel Apollo mattress. Looking on your web site, that seems to equate to the Hybrid 3 Coolblue medium (?). Our concern is you say that this would suit 12-16 stone individual. I am 13 stone, my wife around 8 stone. How would this suit us both?
    Hi Steven, The Hybrid 3 cool blue mattress is a medium feel hybrid mattress, the igel apollo is classed as a firm but when I’ve trialled them I would say its more to the medium of firm if that makes sense. I would caveat that igel doesn’t give any details about the density and hardness of their foam so our comparison is limited some what. I wouldn’t recommend a firm mattress for either of you based on your weights as this would be overkill and it won’t promote comfort compared to a medium mattress.

    The Hybrid 3 would be ideal though given your weights if you want a medium feel mattress with a slow progressive sink. I have released some videos to show you the difference between memory foam, hybrid foams such as cool blue and Latex to give you an idea of how they perform and differ.

    Coolblue is a hybrid foam which is more responsive than traditional memory foam and slightly less heat retentive. Our Hybrid 3 is 27.5cm deep similar to the igel apollo but comes with a removable turnable topper meaning it extends the longevity of the mattress as you can fully turn this. If you want any more detail please give us a call Steve. – Lee

  • Submitted by Email says:

    Hi Lee
    I spoke to you a couple of days ago regarding the artisan naturals. You have been speaking to my wife Seema about this previously.

    As suggested I went to furniture village today and tried several mattresses. I didn’t seem to get on with the vi spring mattresses: found them quite soft, bouncy for some reason. Even tried the medium and hard ones and didn’t really feel the quality of them. Can you explain please whether that feeling is normal or not and whether this would start to feel more comfortable over time?

    Also I know it’s not what we talked about but I did try a kaymed Buckingham which was a mix between pocket springs and foam topper and I felt that was a decent feel for me. Do you have an equivalent for that by any chance?

    Suggestions welcome

    I remember the chat we had the other day. Comfort is very subjective so I wouldn’t say that the feeling you had with Vispring is normal or not. I’d say its your subjective comfort! Which is fine, you need to find something suitable for you. It maybe that the traditional style of mattress, i.e. pocket springs and natural fibres simply isn’t for you. It is hard to tell in a show room though, it all depends on how long the show mattresses have been there for as they soften often time especially with people jumping on and off them all day long!!

    If you liked the Kaymed Buckingham please have a look at our Hybrid 7 cool blue pocket sprung mattress which is a medium. Unlike the Buckingham which has a pillow top thats fixed permanently to the mattress, our Hybrid 7 comes with a matching topper than can be turned and rotated giving you extra longevity in the mattress. We dislike pillowtop mattresses as once they compress or if they fail, theres no way to replace them without an entire new mattress. With our range if you need to replace the topper after compression, damage or end of life you can replace this and still reuse the core. I can’t find out any information about the spring size or gauge but it is listed as a medium which is why I have recommended the Hybrid 7. It also doesn’t list what type of foam it is. The cool blue foam is a hybrid 70k density foam offering a slow but supportive sink. We have some videos on our site if you want to see exactly how it reacts to help in your decision making.

  • Irene says:

    Can you please advice out of a Atlanta i gel or layfresh mattress

    Hi Irene, I’d need more details to provide any advice such as what you’re looking for, weights, heights, budget and over all feel. I would then recommend from our own range, I wouldn’t do a recommendation on someones elses mattress over a competitor since I haven’t designed or built them and this would be seen as bad form. Lee

  • Carol whittle says:

    I suffer with restless leg syndrome so worry that foam beds will make this worse. However I understand that latex is a natural product so Does this mean it would stay cool? What would you recommend?

    Hi Carol, 100% natural latex is a natural product as you state. The issue is many natural latex mattresses contain only 20% natural latex and 80% synthetic latex. Natural latex is a breathable material so is far cooler than say memory foam. I couldn’t advise on wheter your restless leg would be positively impacted by latex, I’d ask you to consult your doctor. It is however excellent at pressure relief and bouncing back to its original shape so movement in bed is far easier. Please give us a call if you have any other information – Lee

  • Singh says:

    Hi Im looking at the igel orion bed from bensons, how does this compare with your range, we liked firm to medium mattresses with a cooling topper. we are in aour early thirties, i am 6ft tall at 85kg, and wife is 5.7ft tall at 55kg. We also looked at the sealy Adelaide range? please advise on these two range?


    Whilst I cannot make any specific comment as to the suitability of either of the mattresses you refer to, I can confirm that both are a medium to firm feel, but have an attached topper. The mattresses are one sided and with the topper being attached (pillow top), in our view, this would reduce the life span of the mattress. In our range, the only one with springs that would provide a firm feel is the Fusion 0. This comes with a separate topper, which can be turned regularly, making it more suitable option from a longevity point of view. if you want further more specific advice regarding the Fusion 0, please call our office. Kind regards Mike.

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