November 2015

Hybrid foams explained

There are a number of other mattress materials in the world of memory and latex foam mattresses and these usually cause the most confusion. Here is our quick fix to give you the details on these hybrid Foams, often wrongly described as memory foam or equivalent. They have different properties to both memory foam and latex so it is worthwhile finding out exactly how they differ.

Whilst memory foam and latex are the main foam bed contenders if you look around you also, will have seen other materials adding yet more materials to read up on.

Laygel Hybrid Mattress Topper
Hybrid foams aim to combat the heat retention of memory foam

Gels and cooling foams are now available in the market which further expands your search for the perfect mattress. Don’t despair, we can help simplify the selections you’re faced with.

What is a hybrid foam?

Both memory foam and latex have been around for over 20 years commercially and in the meantime, a number of other hybrid foams have been created. Many bed retailers will only refer to these with their brand names or will incorrectly classify them as a memory foam again confusing the area.

We class any foam that is not technically memory foam (viscoelastic) or latex as a hybrid foam. Referring to any of these foams as memory foam or equivalent to natural latex is itself misleading. So if it doesn’t rely entirely on heat to soften and mould then its more than likely a hybrid mattress foam.

What is viscoelastic? Memory foam is a viscoelastic foam that reacts to heat. If it doesn’t react to heat and have an open cell structure the scientists will argue it is not memory foam. When it gets warm the open cell structure softens allowing it to mould to the shape of the pressure exerted on it, usually a sleeper.

As you may have guessed there are again a number of different hybrid foams that offer similar properties and benefits to memory foam and latex. In addition, to being similar, a number of them have managed to remove the disadvantages of memory foam such as heat retention and rebound characteristics.

We won’t baffle you with pseudo-science about gel crystals or intelligent mattresses that somehow to manage to regulate your body heat for you, what we will do is explain in plain English why these hybrid foams are a cut above memory foam and why we endorse them. Then it is up to you to decide.

What hybrid mattress foams are there?

We offer two types of hybrid Foams that we have tried and tested to our satisfaction. We only use British Vita’s foams. British Vita is a UK foam manufacturer that have incredibly rigorous foam testing, manufacture and quality standards. For this reason, we choose to use them over cheaper foreign import rivals.

Laygel Foam

A ‘synthetic Latex’ equivalent manufactured using advanced foam, not latex. Medium 60kg density/firmness. It has a very springy progressive comfort.

Coolblue Foam

An advanced memory foam equivalent without the heat and a faster recovery time. It still has a similar firm memory foam feel. Medium to Firm 75Kg density/firmness.

Whilst we are aware of a number of other foams with gel beads, intelligent heat dispersal and so forth, the only two hybrids we will recommend are Laygel and Coolblue at this stage. They have been tried and tested and truly do what they say on the tin.

Remember there are hundreds of memory foams and hybrid foams out there with varying qualities, so each supplier is trying to come up with a new way to say or sell the same idea. As always there are varying qualities of these foams and we only provide quality foams we have tried and tested ourselves.

What is Coolblue?

Coolblue consists of an advanced PU-based foam. It is one of the latest developments in foam.

Coolblue Hybrid Mattress Topper
Coolblue is cooler than memory foam and less heat retentive

It is less heat retentive when compared to memory foam making it a cooler foam. It has a density of 70kg and is a firmer feel foam, we have however created a range with cool blue that provides a medium to firm rating. Coolblue also returns to its original shape slightly quicker than memory foam making it more responsive.

If memory foam makes you hot or you’re a warm sleeper then Coolblue can help. Coolblue provides the best compromise; reducing the heat but still giving you that memory foam type feel.

Hybrid foams are cooler than heat retentive memory foam
Hybrid foams are cooler than heat retentive memory foam
However, they still are far warmer than Natural Fibre Mattresses
However, they still are far warmer than Natural Fibre Mattresses

Data sheet for our Coolblue foam

Foam GradeFoam TypeDensity Min KG/M3Density Max KG/M3Hardness Min (N)Hardness Max (N)
Coolblue 70kgCoolblue Hybrid Foam657070100

Density and hardness are quoted according to in-house test methods based on BS EN ISO 845 and BS EN ISO 2439 respectively.

What is Laygel?

Laygel is our Synthetic Latex equivalent. It has a similar feel to latex but without the price tag. It has an almost zero-viscoelastic threshold. This means it doesn’t rely on heat to mould like memory foam.Laygel Hybrid Mattress TopperLaygel moulds to the body but unlike memory foam, it does not rely as heavily on heat to fully mould, meaning it does not get as hot as memory foam. Due to this, it also returns to it’s original shape much quicker, meaning you’re not left with an indentation on your mattress as it returns to form. Memory foam is often criticised for people who roll over during the night as they often get stuck in one position as its slow to react.

Laygel removes this issue as it returns to its original form very quickly.

Our Laygel comes in a 60kg density meaning its medium in firmness on its own. When coupled with other foams and reflex foam this can be tailored to a softer/firmer mattress. We class Laygel as a superior foam which provides much more progressive comfort on a mattress than a traditional memory foam two-layer mattress.

Laygel Data Sheet

Foam GradeFoam TypeDensity Min KG/M3Density Max KG/M3Hardness Min (N)Hardness Max (N)
Laygel 60kgLaygel Hybrid Foam5763100150

What hybrid mattresses do you offer?

We offer two hybrid models which we have tried and tested.  We only use the highest grade foams from British Vita and match each of these hybrid one-sided models with a removable mattress topper which can be fully turned and rotated to increase the lifespan of the mattress. Both these models give that progressive sink feeling but are quicker to respond than memory foam and are less heat retentive.

Our Hybrid 4 is a medium support but soft sink mattress similar in feel to the Tempur Cloud.

Hybrid 4

Our Hybrid 5 mattress is a medium firm support with a medium feel in the top layer similar to the Tempur Sensation in feel. Whilst they have a similar feel to Tempur they are made with different materials than Tempur patented foam.

Hybrid 50009 2

Hybrid Foam Top 5 Tips

1- Hybrid foams are the next generation of foam beds. Many remove some of the drawbacks of memory foam. hybrid foams are often wrongly classed as memory foam but are really a foam in their own right. Only memory foam is viscoelastic, i.e. reacts to heat, whereas many hybrid foams are not viscoelastic.

2- Hybrid foams, such as Laygel and Coolblue remove some of the memory foam heat retention issues. They are therefore cooler to sleep on than traditional memory foam as they don’t retain heat as much.

3 – They have better rebound rates than memory foam, ie return to their original shape quicker. This is a benefit for those that don’t like the mould that memory foam creates around your body. It also removes the indentation affected where some sleepers struggle to turn over once the memory foam has moulded.

4 – Hybrid foams are often hyped to have special scientific and space-age qualities. Phrases such as ‘intelligent heat dispersal’ etc. Use your judgement as to whether this is true. Our hybrid foams are cooler and have quicker rebound rates which are the clear measurable difference. We disagree in selling a foam as intelligent or having its own ‘awareness’.

5 – You still need to consider the density, depth and quality of these hybrid foams just like any other material. If a retailer can’t give you these in confidence and explain the differences, then you may need to rethink that specific Hybrid foam/retailer as these factors are vital in choosing the correct mattress.



If you like the feel of memory foam but are put off by the heat retention and lack of response then a hybrid foam could be the answer. Not only are they far quicker to respond when you turn over but they don’t retain as much heat making it a cooler sleep surface when compared to memory foam. If you need any more advice please get in touch with us, or browse our hybrid range here.

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