Hybrid foams explained

There are a number of other mattress materials in the world of memory and latex foam mattresses and these usually cause the most confusion. Here is our quick fix to give you the details on these hybrid Foams, often wrongly described as memory foam or equivalent. They have different properties to both memory foam and latex so it is worthwhile finding out exactly how they differ.

Laygel Hybrid Mattress TopperWhilst memory foam and latex are the main foam bed contenders if you look around you also, will have seen other materials adding yet more materials to read up on. Gels and cooling foams are now available in the market which further expands your search for the perfect mattress. Don’t despair, we can help simplify the selections you’re faced with.

What is a hybrid foam?

Both memory foam and latex have been around for over 20 years commercially and in the meantime, a number of other hybrid foams have been created. Many bed retailers will only refer to these with their brand names or will incorrectly classify them as a memory foam again confusing the area.

We class any foam that is not technically memory foam (viscoelastic) or latex as a hybrid foam. Referring to any of these foams as memory foam or equivalent to natural latex is itself misleading. So if it doesn’t rely entirely on heat to soften and mould then its more than likely a hybrid mattress foam.

What is viscoelastic? Memory foam is a viscoelastic foam that reacts to heat. If it doesn’t react to heat and have an open cell structure the scientists will argue it is not memory foam. When it gets warm the open cell structure softens allowing it to mould to the shape of the pressure exerted on it, usually a sleeper.

As you may have guessed there are again a number of different hybrid foams that offer similar properties and benefits to memory foam and latex. In addition, to being similar, a number of them have managed to remove the disadvantages of memory foam such as heat retention and rebound characteristics.

We won’t baffle you with pseudo-science about gel crystals or intelligent mattresses that somehow to manage to regulate your body heat for you, what we will do is explain in plain English why these hybrid foams are a cut above memory foam and why we endorse them. Then it is up to you to decide.

What hybrid foams are there?

We offer two types of hybrid Foams that we have tried and tested to our satisfaction. We only use British Vita’s foams. British Vita is a UK foam manufacturer that have incredibly rigorous foam testing, manufacture and quality standards. For this reason, we choose to use them over cheaper foreign import rivals.

  1. Laygel – A ‘synthetic Latex’ equivalent manufactured using advanced foam, not latex. Medium 60kg density/firmness
  2. Coolblue -An advanced memory foam equivalent without the heat and a faster recovery time. It still has a similar firm memory foam feel. Medium to Firm 75Kg density/firmness.

Whilst we are aware of a number of other foams with gel beads, intelligent heat dispersal and so forth, the only two hybrids we will recommend are Laygel and Coolblue at this stage. They have been tried and tested and truly do what they say on the tin.

Remember there are hundreds of memory foams and hybrid foams out there with varying qualities, so each supplier is trying to come up with a new way to say or sell the same idea. As always there are varying qualities of these foams and we only provide quality foams we have tried and tested ourselves.

What is Coolblue?

Coolblue consists of an advanced PU-based foam. It is one of the latest developments in foam.

Coolblue Hybrid Mattress Topper

It is less heat retentive when compared to memory foam making it a cooler foam. It has a density of 70kg and is a firmer feel foam, we have however created a range with cool blue that provides a medium to firm rating. Coolblue also returns to its original shape slightly quicker than memory foam making it more responsive.

If memory foam makes you hot or you’re a warm sleeper then Coolblue can help. Coolblue provides the best compromise; reducing the heat but still giving you that memory foam type feel.

Data sheet for our Coolblue foam

Foam GradeFoam TypeDensity Min KG/M3Density Max KG/M3Hardness Min (N)Hardness Max (N)
Coolblue 70kgCoolblue Hybrid Foam657070100

Density and hardness are quoted according to in-house test methods based on BS EN ISO 845 and BS EN ISO 2439 respectively.

What is Laygel?

Laygel is our Synthetic Latex equivalent. It has a similar feel to latex but without the price tag. It has an almost zero-viscoelastic threshold. This means it doesn’t rely on heat to mould like memory foam.Laygel Hybrid Mattress TopperLaygel moulds to the body but unlike memory foam, it does not rely as heavily on heat to fully mould, meaning it does not get as hot as memory foam. Due to this, it also returns to it’s original shape much quicker, meaning you’re not left with an indentation on your mattress as it returns to form. Memory foam is often criticised for people who roll over during the night as they often get stuck in one position as its slow to react.

Laygel removes this issue as it returns to its original form very quickly.

Our Laygel comes in a 60kg density meaning its medium in firmness on its own. When coupled with other foams and reflex foam this can be tailored to a softer/firmer mattress. We class Laygel as a superior foam which provides much more progressive comfort on a mattress than a traditional memory foam two-layer mattress.

Laygel Data Sheet

Foam GradeFoam TypeDensity Min KG/M3Density Max KG/M3Hardness Min (N)Hardness Max (N)
Laygel 60kgLaygel Hybrid Foam5763100150


What hybrid mattresses do you offer?

We offer two hybrid models which we have tried and tested.  We only use the highest grade foams from British Vita and match each of these hybrid one-sided models with a removable mattress topper which can be fully turned and rotated to increase the lifespan of the mattress. Both these models give that progressive sink feeling but are quicker to respond than memory foam and are less heat retentive.

Our Hybrid 4 is a medium support but soft sink mattress similar in feel to the Tempur Cloud.

Hybrid 4

Our Hybrid 5 mattress is a medium firm support with a medium feel in the top layer similar to the Tempur Sensation in feel. Whilst they have a similar feel to Tempur they are made with different materials than Tempur patented foam.

Hybrid 50009 2

Hybrid Foam Top 5 Tips

1- Hybrid foams are the next generation of foam beds. Many remove some of the drawbacks of memory foam. hybrid foams are often wrongly classed as memory foam but are really a foam in their own right. Only memory foam is viscoelastic, i.e. reacts to heat, whereas many hybrid foams are not viscoelastic.

2- Hybrid foams, such as Laygel and Coolblue remove some of the memory foam heat retention issues. They are therefore cooler to sleep on than traditional memory foam as they don’t retain heat as much.

3 – They have better rebound rates than memory foam, ie return to their original shape quicker. This is a benefit for those that don’t like the mould that memory foam creates around your body. It also removes the indentation affected where some sleepers struggle to turn over once the memory foam has moulded.

4 – Hybrid foams are often hyped to have special scientific and space-age qualities. Phrases such as ‘intelligent heat dispersal’ etc. Use your judgement as to whether this is true. Our hybrid foams are cooler and have quicker rebound rates which are the clear measurable difference. We disagree in selling a foam as intelligent or having its own ‘awareness’.

5 – You still need to consider the density, depth and quality of these hybrid foams just like any other material. If a retailer can’t give you these in confidence and explain the differences, then you may need to rethink that specific Hybrid foam/retailer as these factors are vital in choosing the correct mattress.


If you like the feel of memory foam but are put off by the heat retention and lack of response then a hybrid foam could be the answer. Not only are they far quicker to respond when you turn over but they don’t retain as much heat making it a cooler sleep surface when compared to memory foam. If you need any more advice please get in touch with us, or browse our hybrid range here.

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  • Darren says:

    I’ve been looking at the Igel Athena in bensons and wonder how the I-gel compared to your Coolblue, I see from your shop that the hybrid range uses these foams. I like the feel of that bed but not the price tag and found your site through google. The site is excellent by the way!
    Can you describe how the Igel Athena from Bensons compares to say your John Ryan Contemporary Hybrid 6 Laygel and Hybrid 7 Coolblue?
    Many thanks

    Hi Darren, The I-gel Athena uses Benson’s new ‘i-gel foam’ but that is as much detail as they release on it. We know they state it reduces heat which is something that our Hybrid foams aim to address as well, but they don’t say how. As you may know memory foam does retain heat and many customers complain they get too hot. Obviously this depends on whether you are a warm sleeper or not. Hybrid foam has a lower visco elastic limit, meaning it doesn’t require as much heat to mould or react to your body. Our Coolblue is an advanced hybrid foam that is cooler than memory foam as it has a lower Visco-elastic threshold, ie doesn’t need as much heat to start to mould.

    In terms of the Athena I-gel, our John Ryan Contemporary Hybrid 6 and 7 bed range is significantly deeper with more progressive comfort. We have a 7.5cm Coolblue removable turnable topper which the Athena doesn’t. Also the Athena doesn’t give you the density of their foam, ours is 70kg Coolblue foam. The Athena has a higher spring count but this doesn’t necessarily mean its better. To fit that many springs in you would either use far smaller springs or two layers, its not clear from the description which method they use. Again they don’t state the gauge or type of spring. Our springs are medium gauge barrel springs. The FEPS method we use is also the box method, rather than they tray. This means the springs are entirely encased and never come into contact with the hybrid foam layer. Complaints with cheaper tray methods where the top of the springs rest against the memory foam have been they they can pierce/degrade the foam. The box method is the more robust manufacture technique that we recommend.

    In terms of tension the Hybrid 6 uses Laygel for the topper which is softer and more responsive, for a soft-medium tension. The John Ryan Contemporary Hybrid 7 uses Coolblue which is a firmer denser foam, it has the memory foam feel with a reduction in heat retention. I hope that helps.Lee.

  • John says:

    Hi I wonder if you can advise the best mattress for me.

    I am 6′ 2″ and 17 stone, my wife 5′ 5″ and about 8 stone.

    We currently have 2 mattresses on a king size wooden slatted framed bed, 1 is medium and the other firm.

    My wife says she can sleep on any mattress and doesn’t suffer any back ache, whereas I do.

    I sleep on the medium mattress and have also tried the firm one but it makes no difference, I still suffer with lower back ache in the early hours and also pain in my hip and keep turning over to lie on either side but the ache continues until I get up and then quickly goes.
    The mattress we have is made by Dreamworks and to be honest after a few days I soon started aching in my lower back and hips while laying on either side of my body.

    I wondered whether a Hybrid or Latex mattress would be something to consider and if so what type, soft to medium, medium etc?

    I remember many years ago working away and staying in a B&B I was given a room with a very soft mattress ( I sank right into it) and at the time thought I am going to suffer in this bed, in fact it was the best weeks sleep I have ever had.

    I have read that a firm mattress is best but have found them worse for me.

    Hopefully you can suggest something that will allow me a complete nights sleep? John

    Sorry to hear you’re suffering with your current mattresses, I wish it was an uncommon problem but it is not I’m afraid!

    Given your weights and the details you’ve given you require a supportive mattress which has deep comfort layers to give you the sink you require to take the pressure off your pressure points.

    For your weight and requirements I’d recommend the Medium Fusion range, our solid core latex mattresses. This is due to the fact you’ve given a preference for a softer mattress. The Fusion 1 or 3 come with a medium latex topper. Meaning you get the sinking feeling before medium support. These are excellent for pressure reliving and are incredibly durable. They are also fully turnable compared to the hybrid range which only has a turnable topper.

    Now for your wife. Given her weight I wouldn’t recommend a firm mattress unless she really likes a firm nights sleep. I would always recommend a medium if no preference is given. This means you could have one mattress rather than two.

    This leaves you with two options if you want to progress down the latex route.

    1. A full size medium fusion. This maybe ideal for your wife but would be soft to medium for you. That said comfort is subjective and if you like a soft mattress this maybe ideal. I would ask that you consider the firm as well because although the guesthouse bed was comfortable there’s a big difference between sleeping on a soft bed for a few nights and full time. What you could do to trial a softer bed is put a doubled up duvet under your current sheets to soften the bed you have and see how that feels for a few nights?

    2.Two different fusion models ie the fusion 1 and 2 side by side with one full size topper. This will give you two tensions on each side a medium and a firm with a matching one piece topper to cover the two. This means if you and your wife can decide whether medium or firm suits you better, given she has no preference it may allow you to try them both and decide. This would be a bespoke bed and so we cant unfortunately offer the 30 day love it or return it guarantee. It may however give you the most flexibility.
    The reason I’ve discounted the hybrid range is its not as easy or preferably to mix and match them like the solid core latex. Latex is far more forgiving and adaptable for split tensions etc.

    I hope that’s given you some food for thought. Lee

  • Paul says:


    I’ve been speaking to you last couple of days about a med/firm mattress, the Thailand guy you remember!?

    So anyway I have a link to the pocketsprung Salus mattress which I’ve tried out and like the feel. I can get it for £670 down here in the south, you were of course comparing it to the Hybrid 7. Can you take it a quick look and confirm that you think yours would be a superior purchase albeit £750 for the king?

    Look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks.

    Hi Paul,

    I’ve done some research on the Salus you’ve been looking at it’s hard to be exact as the details around their components are very minimal, for example it doesn’t tell you the density of the foam or the gauge of the springs. The main differences between that and the hybrid 7 are:

    Hybrid uses coolblue which is a hybrid foam, more advanced than memory foam in that it is more responsive.
    Hybrid comes with a 7.5cm topper which is removable and turnable.
    Hybrid has fully boxed FEPs the Sallus doesn’t state this so we assume its tray FEPs, though we can’t be certain.
    Hybrid is 32.5cm deep.

    In terms of tension based on its description I’d assume it was 70kg memory foam and with that would say our tension is similar for coolblue.

    I’d summarise by saying you get a lot more bed for your money with the hybrid given the topper and depths. I hope that helps Paul. Lee

  • Phil says:


    We recently had a look at some mattresses in Bensons. Out of the ones we, tried, we quite liked:
    iGel Apollo
    Tempur Original Sublime
    Would you have anything similar to these?

    On your website, I was particularly interested with the Fusion 4. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to try out any latex mattresses. Would they offer the same feel as the memory foam mattresses above (but with faster rebound and without the heating)?

    Also, how high are your bases? We are currently looking for beds with a total height less than 24 inches (we found 25 inches to be too high to perch comfortably on).

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Our bases are 14″ in height once the glides are on them. Here’s a link to the base we offer.

    The Bensons Igel apollo and Tempur original sublime are quite firm mattresses, especially the tempur. The issue with very firm memory foam mattresses is that when the summer comes and the warm weather they can soften quite considerably, also using really firm foam kind of negates the benefits of memory/hybrid foam as it doesn’t mould as well to your body as say a slightly softer foam. We do have however the Hybrid 5 which is equivalent to the sensation, a slightly more bouncy softer version of the original. The Hybrid 3 is probably the closet to the igel apollo.

    If you can tell me your body weights I can better advise but I’d say our Fusion 2 or 4 is the firmer of our range which are solid core latex mattresses. To try the sensation of solid latex, firstly solid core latex beds are very rare if not impossible to find, they are excellent at providing pressure relief and returning to their original shape. Dunlopillo have a few worthy comparators to our range. The sensation is slightly different to memory foam in that its faster to mould and faster to return to its original shape so its got more of a bounce than the dullness of memory foam. They are breathable thus reducing the heat you often associate with memory and igel style beds.

    Our fusion range can be made in a reduced height mattress at just 18cm high if height is an issue, the other fusions are around 23cm in height without the base.

    I hope that helps and if you send me your heights and weights I can tailor my advice further. – Lee

  • Comment Submitted Via Email says:

    I’m looking to purchase a new king-size mattress. I’m 6ft tall and weigh between 10.5 and 11 stones, a typical tall thin cyclist build. I sleep mainly on my side, and occasionally on my back. My current old worn out mattress isn’t very comfortable and I’d often get shoulder ache after a couple of hours. Hence I’m thinking a soft..ish mattress with progressive support might be the answer?

    After much reading around both your websites (Factory-Beds, JohnRyanContemporary) I’m coming to the conclusion that the Hybrid 1 Laygel model may be the best option given my budget (£600 max) and weight/characteristics.

    I do have a couple of concerns, one being that it will be used on a bedframe with a sprung slat design, 50mm slats with 50mm gaps. However I intend to board this out with MDF as detailed in one of your articles, with some strategically drilled ventilation holes. I was also thinking of putting a topper between mattress and MDF, would a cheap mem foam topper off eBay be sufficient?

    My second concern is with potential heat build-up? Does the Laygel foam get much hotter than say one of your Pocket Sprung mattresses e.g. Origins Pocket 1500, which I was looking at but was concerned I’d find that too firm.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance.

    Thanks for your email.

    You’re correct in that the hybrid laygel models would on theory suit your weight, tension preference and give progressive comfort. I personally would recommend the hybrid 2 as even though your slight the hybrid 1 is our softest mattress where as the hybrid 2 is soft on top but with medium support which I think in your case and height would be better.

    As for the base if you board the base this will be sufficient. I wouldn’t recommend wasting money even on a cheap memory foam topper to put under it. If it’s boarded the reflex foam on he hybrid will balance out nicely. A memory foam topper there would just be a waste. You’re better off spending that money on some nice cotton sheets that will help keep you comfortable in bed.

    Have you tried a memory foam or hybrid foam bed before? I ask because the sensation is very different to a traditional bed. We always advise you have at least been and bounced around awkwardly in the bed show rooms on foam or memory foam beds just to get an idea.

    As for the heat issue. It will be warmer than a traditional bed. Heat is subjective based on sleeper which makes it very difficult to be specific. The laygel doesn’t rely on heat to mould which makes it cooler but because of the reflex base it’s a much denser bed than say the origins so the reflex will store heat even if the laygel is cooler than say memory foam. Laygel is however is more progressive than say polyester or traditional bed fillings so you need to trade off the two. Confusing I know!

    All new beds take some getting used to it’s trying to get to the near as perfect mattress as possible. I think trying to find the perfect mattress when on a budget like yours is almost impossible. That said you can get the best for your money and as close as possible! That’s the aim of the game.

    If you would prefer to have a chat over the phone please give us a call to explain more if need be.

    I hope that helps. Lee

  • Comment via email says:

    What are the differences between coolblue and laygel hybrid foams apart from the fact coolblue can help with people who get warm during the night? I’m torn between which one to choose! Please help!

    Coolblue is cooler than memory foam and laygel is cooler still. All foams however will be warmer than traditional mattresses as they are denser and retain heat more readily. The main difference is the feel of these two foams. We’re going to publish some videos soon to show people the difference.

    If you think of cool blue as a slightly faster and less heat retentive version of memory foam. It gives that slow sink and moulding feeling. Some people call it quicksand others a hugging feeling. Laygel is a synthetic version of synthetic latex, soft, bouncy and very fast to recover. It moulds but isn’t as dense to the feel so its softer and lighter to the touch. Its cooler as its got a really low heat retention rate but not as supportive as say cool blue. Confusing I know. If you put it in the middle of a mattress like our hybrid 4 and 5 it acts as a spring. If you put it on top its s soft comfort later.

    Simply put; cool blue has the slow enveloping sink whereas Laygel has the springy bouncy soft sink feeling. – Lee

  • Kevin says:

    My wife and I have been looking to purchase a mattress from John Lewis called Sealy Posturepedic series 800, it has 1400 pocket springs plus 800 mini pockets topped by 8cm of Geltex foam, my wife likes the mattress feel as it supports her lower back arch, this mattress seems to align more to her body than normal pocket springs and standard memory foam. Do you have an alternative Please. Regards kevin

    Hi Kevin, The mattress you’ve seen is one of the new Sealy Hybrid Posturepedic Mattresses. These were released late last year at the National Bed Show. I don’t have too many reviews of them as they are a newcomer, I can’t really give too much detail on the mattress or Geltex itself but will tell you what I know.

    I did ask the Sealy scientists at the show about the composition and density of Geltex, which they wouldn’t tell me. They did show me some demonstrations of the foam. It’s less spongy in feel compared to memory foam and has a blue look to it. Not very helpful so far I know. What’s difficult is trying to compare products when I only have a handful of specifics on the material. Even the promotional material I have on Geltex doesn’t give me much detail.

    What I can do is compare to a medium mattress in my Hybrid collection with a similar construction method. The Hybrid 7 would be the closest. This is a combination of medium gauge barrel pocket springs, fully foam encased with a 7cm deep layer of 70kg cool blue hybrid foam. Coolblue is more reactive and less heat retentive to memory foam. It has a quicker response rate meaning it returns to its original shape much quicker. Maybe this is the sensation Geltex had that you’re wife liked? It then has a removable 7.5cm topper which can be fully turned and rotated. This is where we differ to the Sealy hybrid Posturepedic 800. Our hybrid 7 has a soft sinking sensation before medium support, giving that cradling feeling without the quicksand feel of traditional memory foam.

    Another factor to consider is the longevity of the bed, this is where a matching removable topper comes in. It allows you to fully turn it and therefore increase the life of the bed, this is because the Sealy Hybrid Posturepedic 800 is a one sided mattress. If you can provide me with your heights and weights I can provide some more advice on our Hybrid range Kevin.

  • Steven says:

    we’re looking for a king-size mattress. When we looked round Benson’s, we liked the iGel Apollo mattress. Looking on your web site, that seems to equate to the Hybrid 3 Coolblue medium (?). Our concern is you say that this would suit 12-16 stone individual. I am 13 stone, my wife around 8 stone. How would this suit us both?
    Hi Steven, The Hybrid 3 cool blue mattress is a medium feel hybrid mattress, the igel apollo is classed as a firm but when I’ve trialled them I would say its more to the medium of firm if that makes sense. I would caveat that igel doesn’t give any details about the density and hardness of their foam so our comparison is limited some what. I wouldn’t recommend a firm mattress for either of you based on your weights as this would be overkill and it won’t promote comfort compared to a medium mattress.

    The Hybrid 3 would be ideal though given your weights if you want a medium feel mattress with a slow progressive sink. I have released some videos to show you the difference between memory foam, hybrid foams such as cool blue and Latex to give you an idea of how they perform and differ.

    Coolblue is a hybrid foam which is more responsive than traditional memory foam and slightly less heat retentive. Our Hybrid 3 is 27.5cm deep similar to the igel apollo but comes with a removable turnable topper meaning it extends the longevity of the mattress as you can fully turn this. If you want any more detail please give us a call Steve. – Lee

  • Submitted by Email says:

    Hi Lee
    I spoke to you a couple of days ago regarding the artisan naturals. You have been speaking to my wife Seema about this previously.

    As suggested I went to furniture village today and tried several mattresses. I didn’t seem to get on with the vi spring mattresses: found them quite soft, bouncy for some reason. Even tried the medium and hard ones and didn’t really feel the quality of them. Can you explain please whether that feeling is normal or not and whether this would start to feel more comfortable over time?

    Also I know it’s not what we talked about but I did try a kaymed Buckingham which was a mix between pocket springs and foam topper and I felt that was a decent feel for me. Do you have an equivalent for that by any chance?

    Suggestions welcome

    I remember the chat we had the other day. Comfort is very subjective so I wouldn’t say that the feeling you had with Vispring is normal or not. I’d say its your subjective comfort! Which is fine, you need to find something suitable for you. It maybe that the traditional style of mattress, i.e. pocket springs and natural fibres simply isn’t for you. It is hard to tell in a show room though, it all depends on how long the show mattresses have been there for as they soften often time especially with people jumping on and off them all day long!!

    If you liked the Kaymed Buckingham please have a look at our Hybrid 7 cool blue pocket sprung mattress which is a medium. Unlike the Buckingham which has a pillow top thats fixed permanently to the mattress, our Hybrid 7 comes with a matching topper than can be turned and rotated giving you extra longevity in the mattress. We dislike pillowtop mattresses as once they compress or if they fail, theres no way to replace them without an entire new mattress. With our range if you need to replace the topper after compression, damage or end of life you can replace this and still reuse the core. I can’t find out any information about the spring size or gauge but it is listed as a medium which is why I have recommended the Hybrid 7. It also doesn’t list what type of foam it is. The cool blue foam is a hybrid 70k density foam offering a slow but supportive sink. We have some videos on our site if you want to see exactly how it reacts to help in your decision making.

  • Chris says:

    My wife and I are looking for a new mattress as the one we bought from Hypnos 3.5 years ago has become uncomfortable for her.(pillowtop 1400 pocket). We visited a retailer who stocked Vi-Spring,Harrison and Tempur.She has a back complaint, which makes her hips painful and cannot lie on one side and she does not sleep easily on her back.My wife weighs 8.5 stone and I weigh 15st.I seem to be able to sleep on anything so it is my wife’s comfort that is utmost.She found lying on the Vi spring ones displayed(priced fron £1700 to £6000 mainly medium support) hurt her hip as does our Hypnos but when she lay on a Tempur Cloud 22 deluxe her hips did not hurt even after an extended period of approx 20 mins.I must admit that I found the bed very soft and would ask what you suggest. Many thanks Chris

    Hi Chris Given the weight difference between you and your partner you’re going to be battling between something that’s too soft for you vs something thats too firm for your wife I’m afraid! Given that you’ve been trying beds you’ve already managed to narrow down the search to the tempur cloud mattress you’ve already done most for the difficult work!. You’re right that it’s probably great for your wife but a bit too soft for you.

    We do have a comparator to the tempur cloud with our Hybrid 4 mattress which is a mix of memory and hybrid foam giving that cloud like sink. Given its going to be really soft for you I’d ask you to have a look at the Hybrid 5 mattress which is slightly firmer a comparitor usually to the Tempur sensation mattress, but is a very deep mattress which I’d argue will give your wife enough sink to allow her painful hips and back to sink without it being too firm for her. It also would give you a slightly firmer top layer making it not as soft as the cloud or Hybrid 4. It maybe the best compromise for you.

    I’d also advise that any foam mattress will be warmer than a traditional pocket sprung mattress; its a game of trading off the benefits and drawbacks I’m afraid. Everyone is different with the heat of mattresses.

    If you want to speak further please give us a call Chris. – Lee

  • Mac says:

    Interested in 5cm laygel mattress topper.

    Another make of similar topper shows the latex to be in “eggbox” construction.

    I presume that yours is turnable whereas the other cannot be turned.

    Am I correct? Are there any virtues to the “eggbox” construction? – Mac

    Hi Mac

    Sorry about the delay in response we’ve been incredibly busy!

    Our lay gel topper is flat as we find the egg-box or castellated design can cause issues with uneven wear and as you said, makes the topper one sided. Laygel is a soft but responsive hybrid foam so really doesn’t need this design to work to its best. Keeping it consistent ensures even wear and a flat sleeping surface.

    If you need any more information please get in touch with us to assist. Lee

  • Brian says:

    I am looking for a quality king size bed with mattress comparable to a Temput cloud de-luxe thanks – Brian

    Hi Brian, Our Tempur cloud comparator is our Hybrid 4 mattress which can be found here. Its a significantly deeper mattress that the standard clouds and comes with a removable topper which can be fully turned and rotated increasing the life of the mattress over all. If you need any more help please give us a call on 0161 437 4419.

  • Patrick says:

    hi John and Ryan
    I have bought from your good selves the Hybrid 4 Memtech Laygel Soft-Medium mattress to replace the Ikea mattress on an Ikea base.
    reason is my Mrs could not like any mattress except the Tempur cloud 27 and I quite liked it as well as long as I can get up in the morning without being doubled up like a zombie with every bone shouting!
    I liked the traditional constructions but what does that matter?
    Thanks for your in depth articles that helped me choose this mattress.
    My self I weight 13.5 stone and my Mrs is I reckon about 10 to 11 stone (its a state secret).we are going on 70yrs old.
    she insists on the softest possible feel to the mattress so could you let me know if you think I’ve got it wrong?

    Hi Patrick, You’ve chosen the right model for that feel and based on your weights so thats good news! If you haven’t had a foam style mattress before it may take a few nights to get used to it. We always advise that like a new pair of shoes you give it some time. You’ve always got the love it or return it 30 day guarantee if not though.

    I’m glad that our detailed specifications have enabled to you find the suitable mattress based n what you were looking for. The Hybrid 4 is a very deep and progressive mattress with a very soft top layer so this should meet your wifes requirements.

    The team will confirm once your order has been processed, with it being the bank holiday sometimes the confirmation email takes a while longer to arrive! If you have any queries though please give us a call on 0161 437 4419. – Lee

  • Liz says:

    Thank you for such an informative website and article. I recently have investigated a geltex Sealey Adelaide divan bed – although there was not much difference between this and the Vienna Sealey style bed.
    I wanted a firm support bed with the geltex as it felt really comfortable.
    In addition, my mum was also looking at buying a geltex bed to support her joints after recent knee arthritis flare up.

    Obviously they are pricey beds! I was concerned about a five year warranty with the newness of the geltex technology and I have asked countless times in several shops, will the geltex deteriorate to which I have been told it does not.
    The Adelaide is
    •2800 Pocket Springs – 1400 zoned motion pocket springs enhanced with a further 1400 mini pocket springs for support
    •Unirail® surrounds
    •Deep layer of Geltex (apparently!)

    Have you got any similar spec that matches this? Is latex just as effective? I’d really appreciate any advice or guidance.
    Thanks very much

    Hi Elizabeth, If you’re looking for a firm support mattress then our Fusion zero has a similar construction method to the Geltex you have seen. We only use one layer of springs as I find in my experience that the mini pocket springs don’t add any real benefit to the mattress. In some of the models I tested it just made them more springy and I wonder about the lifespan of such small springs compared to full sized 6 turn pocket springs, which are usually a standard design. If you’re looking for a supportive but forgiving mattress, because a rock hard bed is no good for anyone, then latex is a far superior material compared to any synthetic foam on the market as its breathable and far more responsive. The Sealy rosebury is a good comparator to our Fusion 0 albeit it doesn’t state the blend of latex and ours is a high 80% natural latex blend.

    Ideally I’d need to know your weights and heights to give a true recommendation on our John Ryan Range. If you have any further questions please give us a call – Lee

  • Irene says:

    Can you please advice out of a Atlanta i gel or layfresh mattress

    Hi Irene, I’d need more details to provide any advice such as what you’re looking for, weights, heights, budget and over all feel. I would then recommend from our own range, I wouldn’t do a recommendation on someones elses mattress over a competitor since I haven’t designed or built them and this would be seen as bad form. Lee


    Hi there

    You very kindly helped me choose a mattress, having had terrible problems with another manufacturer. I’m now looking for a topper for my mattress as I’m still experiencing back ache. I recently spent a week in hospital and noticed I didn’t have back ache for the first time in a long while. I believe the mattress was memory foam but they are very hot so I’m looking at your hybrid foam toppers. They are appealing to me because they sound cooler than memory foam and I like the idea that they are better at rebounding.

    Can you please advise what the benefits are of the different depths of the toppers as I’m not sure whether I need the 5″ or 7″ and I have a low budget so don’t want to make another mistake.

    Many thanks!

    Hi Claire, I would need to know your body weight and the feel you are going for the fully advise so it maybe best you call in. Some general advice on toppers is that they act as an additional comfort layer to a bed so it depends on the sensation you want from this top layer. Latex for example is incredibly responsive when compared to say memory foam. It also gives a more controlled sink into the top layer. If however you wanted to really soften up the top of your mattress then a laygel hybrid mattress topper would be ideal. This is much more responsive when compared to memory foam and is not as heat retentive. The depth of topper relates to the amount of sink or softness you require. A deeper topper usually indicates a more plush sink than a shallower topper. If you can, call us, and we will try and help you further – Lee

  • Rebecca says:

    Looking at the Hybrid 4. I am 5’9″ and about 12 stone, my husband is 6’2″ and 14st. The bed we have is Super King size bed therefore just looking for a mattress. Do you think this would be the most suitable hybrid? I quite like a soft warm mattress, unfortunately he is the opposite, preferring firmer and cooler!

    Hi Rebecca, You’ve raised an interesting point about your somewhat opposing mattress needs! What I would advise is that although the Hybrid 4 is a soft / medium mattress its true softness is in the top comfort layer. the support of the mattress is medium. Given the softer sink you get in the top layer will satisfy you but the medium support will also satisfy your partners need for a more firmer feel.

    Due to the fact we use hybrid lay gel in the top layer this will keep the mattress cooler than say a memory foam layer but its still going to retain some heat. Heat in mattresses is very subjective what I would say is that lay gel isn’t heat retentive so it maybe that your partner is ok with this. I can’t say for definite!

    Unless you go for two completely separate single mattresses you’re never going to get a perfect match for both of you. I wouldn’t even recommend this as you will end up with two completely different mattresses i.e. a latex or traditional for your partner and a hybrid for you. This would make for quite an uneven looking mattress!

    I would say for your weights and the feel you want the Hybrid 4 would be fine. – Lee

  • Carol whittle says:

    I suffer with restless leg syndrome so worry that foam beds will make this worse. However I understand that latex is a natural product so Does this mean it would stay cool? What would you recommend?

    Hi Carol, 100% natural latex is a natural product as you state. The issue is many natural latex mattresses contain only 20% natural latex and 80% synthetic latex. Natural latex is a breathable material so is far cooler than say memory foam. I couldn’t advise on wheter your restless leg would be positively impacted by latex, I’d ask you to consult your doctor. It is however excellent at pressure relief and bouncing back to its original shape so movement in bed is far easier. Please give us a call if you have any other information – Lee

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