Why don’t John Ryan have sales?

We often get asked ‘why don’t you have sales?’ and the simple answer is that there are very few true sales.  Most are marketing ploys to get you to buy a product and we don’t like that pressure selling tactic.  This article should help explain exactly why we don’t have sales and why that’s in your interests!

stock roomIn the good old days, when everyone had time for a slice of guilt-free cake without TV adverts telling you to drop a dress size and such, sales were used by retailers at the end of a season to help sell older stock to make way for new products. The summer and winter sales were common and very practical. The last few items were reduced first come first served and all was well. It helped retailers keep their stock rooms in order and reduce waste or loss.

The last twenty years or so have seen how the ‘sales’ tag sparks interest in consumers looking for a bargain. Unfortunately, it has become less of a bargain and more of a marketing campaign to pretend a good deal is being had. Retailers rarely have full stock rooms on site, everything is controlled by careful spreadsheets and computer-based ordering systems so the waste is much more minimal than it was in the ‘old sales days’.

We like the old-fashioned days better; when you knew what you were getting. We won’t hold a sale, we won’t tell you an RRP that never was, we won’t release limited editions or throw freebies at you. This is because deep down you’re always paying for everything, there is sadly no free lunch.

sale now onWe sell each bed at a price that you can be assured represents its quality, value and some of the best materials available. There will be no confusion, no interest-free or ploys to get you to buy an end of line item. You’re paying for the bed, not the showroom, the offers or the TV adverts.

There will be absolutely no discrimination, it is one price for all.

You may have seen in the news recently the story about the big 6 furniture manufactures being investigated by the Office of Fair Trading around this very matter. They have been accused of systematically inflating their RRP and pre-sale prices. Some products never being sold at the original price at all! In effect, sales have been on for such a long period of time that they are not sales at all and the original RRP is misleading or even false!  If you want to find out more about the dreadfully unfair interest free credit we have a detailed article here on the scheme.

John Ryan Outlet

Whilst we don’t offer sales or flash discounts we do have an outlet. This is where we offer discounts of up to 50% off returned or exchanged mattresses. These have been returned within their guarantee and are meticulously inspected and then sold through our outlet at high discounts.

Your new bed will still be covered by our famous guarantee against defective workmanship or materials, it will not be covered for the damage or marks we point out at the point of sale. We would never sell a mattress that would be deemed to be defective, only marked in a cosmetic way. Defective products are returned to our manufacturers and not listed on the clearance outlet. Each mattress is graded from B which is like brand new to F where there may be a tear or mark from transit which doesn’t affect the structure or performance of the mattress.


We invite you to visit our shop and to look at some of the fantastic mattresses we have to meet your requirements we also have our outlet which allows you to buy returned mattresses at a discount, a proper discount no gimmicks required. We will even advise on other companies or sites if we can’t meet your requirements. We also ask you to look at all the information and make an informed choice.

After all, you’re looking for a bed that will provide you with a good nights rest so why not buy with confidence knowing you’re meeting your requirements as best you can?