April 2019

Why Natural Fibres Are Ideal For Hot Sleepers

Unfortunately sleeping hot is an all too common occurrence for many people. We all end up losing some heat when we sleep because our body temperature drops throughout the night. The lost heat is then reabsorbed by your mattress, sheets and other bedding materials. However, some sleepers naturally give off more body heat than others, and if you find yourself sleeping hotter – then you’re probably one of them.

Your mattress plays a pivotal role when it comes to how hot you sleep. Certain mattresses that aren’t suited to hot sleepers absorb a lot of your body heat, leading to overly warm conditions, which will leave you with discomfort and disrupted sleep. This is why a Natural Fibre mattress can be the ideal solution for you.

How can Natural Fibres help?

In order to sleep soundly as a hot sleeper, you need materials that allow for better air circulation, which allows the sleep surface to feel cooler. The best mattress shouldn’t sleep too hot or too cold. Thankfully, Natural Fibre mattresses contain the absolute best quality of mattress components that you can find.

Artisan Sublime Bamboo & Flax Natural Mattress

As well as being substantially more soothing and supportive than any other synthetic counterparts, Natural Fibres are also far more breathable, responsive and durable. This breathability is the biggest benefit for you as a hot sleeper.

Natural Fibres are very high wicking, meaning they are able to effectively draw moisture away from your body, which keeps you cool throughout the night, and stops you waking up to those sweaty and clammy mornings. The fibres are able to essentially regulate your temperature far better than any synthetic foam or fabric can. Instead of burning up during the night, you’ll be treated to a soothingly cool sleep experience every night with Natural Fibres.

Mattresses to avoid if you’re a hot sleeper

As a rule of thumb if you find yourself waking up in a hot sweat at night then you want to avoid memory foam or any foam based mattresses. This because foams retain heat, it’s how they work to mold and soften to your body, especially memory or vasco foams. The more synthetic your mattress the more likely it is to retain heat, in turn, making you hotter during the night leading to you waking up after a disturbed night. Also choosing natural bed sheets and linen is a good way to make sure your mattress is as breathable as possible.

What can John Ryan offer?

We offer only the highest quality Natural Fibre mattresses for your money, and if you’re looking to avoid overheating, we can help you find the ideal sleep solution for you. Our traditional Pocket Sprung Mattresses are made with completely natural fillings, designed to provide the ultimate cool sleep surface, which can leave you feeling more refreshed than ever before.

artisan sublime square mattress

Our bespoke Artisan Range of mattresses are all tried and tested during their construction to combat the heat. No matter what Natural Fibre is used, from Bamboo to Organic Plant Flax, they are all high wicking and very breathable. Air will be able to flow much more efficiently between you and the fibres, and any moisture will quickly be wicked away from your body.

With us, you can even combine your mattress with all-natural comfort layers to offer greater support for your pressure points, and enhance your overall temperature regulation. Yes it’s true that Natural Fibre mattress generally cost more than synthetic alternatives, but when you work out your price per sleep, you’ll soon see how the investment is worth it.

If you’re looking for a mattress that can really work wonders for keeping your body cool, calm and completely relaxed, then look no further than John Ryan.

Don’t hesitate to contact our expert team today on 0161 437 4419 for more information.

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