December 2018

Buying A Mattress: Working Out Your Price Per Sleep

A new mattress is a very important purchase decision, and not one you want to end up regretting. It can be quite an expensive purchase too, especially if you’ve not budgeted or planned the purchase before hand. It’s essential that you make an informed decision, because in order to get the most supportive and comforting night’s sleep you deserve, getting the correct quality of the mattress is crucial.  

With this in mind, we wanted to look at some calculations when it comes to our high-quality tailored Luxury Mattresses, to help put things into perspective for you. The last thing you want to be doing is guess work when it comes to price and what that means when choosing a mattress, especially when that purchase is supposed to help you sleep soundly for at least the next 7 years.

So, let’s break down why a quality luxurious pocket sprung mattress isn’t that expensive when you think about it, especially when you look at it in terms of your price per sleep.

Look at it in terms of mattress longevity

On average, a good mattress should last at least 7 years before you need to consider getting a replacement, they can of course last longer with proper care and consideration, which includes turning, rotating, and using mattress protectors, along with avoiding spillages. However, you should always consider a replacement as soon as you start struggling to sleep well at night.

So, if you take the minimum of 7 years of mattress life, you can see how your mattress is more of an investment in your sleep time and overall health, rather than just a one off purchase. If you divide the cost of your mattress by each night you sleep on it, then the initial expense won’t seem like such a strain on your budget.

Let’s use some of our best examples

If we take our incredibly popular Origins Pocket 1500 mattress, which uses a 1500 pocket-spring unit combined with layers of fillings to provide exceptional comfort and support, and comes in at a cost of £620.00. This works out at £88.57 a year, over the 7 year life expectancy period. If we then divide that by all 365 days in a given year, then this works out at just around 24p per sleep. Also, if you happen to share your bed with a partner, then the price of your luxury snooze will drop to about 12p per sleep.

artisan 1500

Similarly we can take our Artisan 1500, which has been hand crafted to emulate the feel of The Artisan Naturals. In fact this mattress is the one we’ve put the John Ryan name and reputation to in terms of sheer value for money. The mattress uses 1500 Pocket Springs to perfectly support your body weight and sleeping preference. It’s cost of £965.00 for a king size mattress, works out at around £137.85 per year, and just about 37p per sleep.

Putting things into perspective

So, if you were to put this into perspective, let’s say you buy yourself a coffee everyday, either before work, or during lunch. Even a bog standard coffee these days can cost a least £3. If you bought a cup everyday, that would work out to a budget busting £7,665 over the course of 7 years! You could purchase around 7 Artisan 1500 mattresses for this, or 12 Origins Pocket 1500 mattresses! Looking at it this way, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be prioritising our sleep quality over buying a hot beverage every day.

John Ryan Legacy York Stone Grey UK Natural Mattress

Also, unlike a cup of coffee, which you can sip on for around 15 minutes or so, you’ll be using your mattress for hours every single night. This only highlights how important an investment in a high quality mattress really is. You could even look at our most luxurious and ultimate sleep experience, the John Ryan Legacy Mattress. With its 100% Natural Fibres and highest grade upholstery, the king size version of this best of British mattress comes in at £6,715.00. This works out at around £2.60 per sleep, and that’s if you sleep alone. Essentially you’re getting a mattress every night that’s designed to give you the best possible night’s sleep, for the price of a cup of coffee.

Now, we’re not saying you have to sacrifice your caffeine cravings! But when you take the time to part with a portion of your hard-earned money and really invest in your mattress, you’ll also be investing in improving your quality of life and general wellbeing. Getting that soothing and supportive sleep experience you need will help you to lead a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

As well as spending as much as you can comfortably afford, it’s also important to ask as many questions as you need to when choosing a new mattress. At John Ryan, we can guide you through all the details that matter. To make finding a mattress that’s right for you, as easy as possible.

The John Ryan Cost Per Sleep

We’ve calculated the cost per sleep for all of our luxury mattress models, based on sleeping on your mattress for 7 years (excluding Legacy which is guaranteed for 25 years). We have also shown the total GSM and spring count of each mattress, as we believe that if you don’t know the GSM of the mattress you’re buying, then walk away!

MattressCostGSMSpring CountCost per sleep
Origins Comfort 1000£52512501000£0.20
Origins Pocket 1500£62015501500£0.24
Origins Pocket Reflex 1000£57510201000£0.22
Origins Pocket Latex 1500£89518001500£0.35
Artisan 1500£96543001500£0.47
Artisan Tailored Pocket 2000£112039602000£0.43
Artisan Naturals£123539501600£0.48
Artisan Bespoke 004£158036001600£0.61
Artisan Luxury£173546001476£0.67
Artisan Bespoke£185051001600£0.72
Artisan Bespoke 002£197536002508£0.77
Artisan Bespoke 003£277556002508£1.08
Artisan Sublime£302554002508£1.18
Legacy£6715168004200£0.73 (25 yrs)

If you have any questions, simply get in touch with us today.

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