3 things you need to find the right mattress

This is our short article to help customers who have just started the process of looking for a new bed or mattress. As a quick short guide, it should help you get started in finding that perfect mattress whilst trying to avoid some pitfalls.


The 3 key things you need to consider when buying a new bed are

1.What are my requirements? Questions such as what type of bed best suits my needs and potentially my partners? What support do I need? What material, foam or filling is best for me?

2. What is my budget?  i.e. how close can you get to your requirements given your budget?

3. Understand the jargon.  You need to fully understand the jargon and lingo of any potential mattress to assess it against your requirements and budget.

We strongly argue that if you go in with a set budget as your only consideration, the likely-hood is the mattress won’t be suitable for you. You need to take your requirements first and then increase/reduce them if necessary to meet your budget.

Mattress Guide Videos

Before you leave to hit the shops these videos are essential to understanding the fundamentals of support, upholstery and the different fillings you may encounter.

How can I compare mattresses from different brands?

There are two main questions you need to consider once in a bed shop or on-line to be able to compare pocket sprung, synthetic or natural fibre, memory, hybrid and latex foam mattresses.

Without these, it is almost impossible to accurately compare mattresses. Our recommendation is that if you’re struggling to find the details above then maybe the retailer or shop don’t actually know! Now ask yourself would you really want to make such a considered purchase from somewhere that doesn’t know its products? If they don’t know we would always ask them to find out before going any further!


All of our mattresses contain the information, even down to the data sheet level, for you to be able to understand what they are made of. This allows you then to compare to other mattress manufacturers, providing they disclose the same amount of information that is. Please get in touch for more tailored mattress recommendations from our small expert team.