Artisan 1500 vs Origins Pocket Latex 1500 vs SImba

peter luke asked
28th July 2018

I have had a “firm”/ “orthopedic” mattress for 20 years and I decided it was time to replace. I purchased a Simba which I found too soft, too “soggy” and also found it too hot. Consequently, I sent it back under their 100 day guarantee. I then purchased an double Artisan 1500 with firm upholstery. Unfortuately, I find the “tufting” very uncomfortable, the “high points” of the comfort layer creating pressure points. However, given the high quality and value for moneyof JR products, I would like tio remain with John Ryan. I was thinking that the Origins Pocket Latex 1500 might be a suitable replacement. I am 6 foot and weigh just under 12 stone. Can you please comment on the overall firmness/ “feel” of both the medium and firm tensioned Origins Pocket Latex 1500 compared to the firm tensioned Artisan 1500 and the soggyness of the Simba. Is the HD foam in the Latex 1500 a memory foam or a firmer foam just acting as a transition layer?

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Michaela Long
answered 4 years ago

Hi Peter,
Thank you for your enquiry.  Sorry to hear that you are not getting along with the Artisan 1500.  It can take 4 – 6 weeks for your body to readjust to a new mattress.   This mattress has medium comfort layers and you ordered a mattress with a firm spring tension.  At your body weight, you would not compress those springs so the upholstery is both supporting and comforting you.

BodyweightSpring tension
Upto 16 Stone / 50-101kgMedium (1.4mm)
16 Stone / 101kg UpwardsFirm (1.6mm)
Available in Bespoke Products (Please Call)Soft (1.2mm)

Tufting is essential to any pocket sprung mattress that’s worth it’s weight as they hold the fillings in place.

You may have a sensitivity to this, have you considered purchasing a mattress topper?   As you are still within your ‘60 day love it or return it guarantee‘ we can do a one time exchange for another product or give you a full refund.  You may want to consider a foam based mattress such as the Hybrid or Fusion ranges, neither are as heat retentive or ‘soggy’ like memory foam.  Latex is a lot more responsive and has progressive support.
Origins Pocket Latex 1500
Another alternative would be the Origins Pocket Latex 1500  which is a firmer mattress in the comfort layers which are Talalay latex.  I wouldn’t recommend the firmer spring tension at your body weight.  Even with the medium spring tension, this would feel firm to medium for a 12 stone person.
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Kind Regards