June 2019

An Uncomfortable Bed is the Leading Cause of “Guest Anxiety”

Studies have shown that a high number of people in the UK can never seem to get a decent night’s sleep away from home. A number of “guest anxieties” have been highlighted as the reason many are struggling to get some shut-eye, when they’re not in their own bed.

Granted, some of these anxieties can stem from other worries, however the majority put their lack of sleep away from home down to what they’re actually sleeping on. The quality of the mattress leaves many feeling restless and tired in the morning.

The mattress matters most

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The thought of sleeping on an uncomfortable, poor quality mattress is unsurprisingly what people dread the most when sleeping away from home. It seems that our “guest anxiety” tends to spike when we know that we won’t be sleeping in our own bed.

Worrying about sleeping arrangements can quickly turn what would have been a great night seeing friends, into a decidedly tiring and stressful experience, due to a poor night’s sleep.

The stresses of staying over

Many of us actually fear that we won’t have a proper bed to sleep in at all when we stay over somewhere away from home. And a high percentage of guests actually tell their hosts that they have had a nice night’s rest, even when they haven’t, in order to avoid upsetting them.

Sound familiar?

If it does, you may be amongst those guests that end up actually bringing a mattress topper with them, in order to make the guest mattress more comfortable! Since most of us spend roughly 11 nights away from our own beds each year, it makes sense that we want things to be as comfortable as possible.  

When you’ve ended up on the old bed in the spare room or the dusty old pull-out, a quality mattress topper can greatly improve the quality of your sleep.

The perfect guest room mattress

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We are all mostly creatures of comfort in one way or another. Therefore it’s really important that any hosts ensure that their guests can sleep soundly with comfort and support, so that they wake up feeling refreshed.

There’s no better way to get a room ready for guests than by having the perfect guest room mattress. The right mattress can not only rejuvenate any guest space, it can also improve the health and overall well-being of anyone that uses it.

You should already think of your own mattress as an investment in your health and quality of sleep, which is why you need to consider working out your price per sleep. But the same applies to a guest room mattress as well.

Any host that takes the time to find a tailored and tested mattress that can provide quality comfort and support; will help to soothe those troublesome guest anxieties, and offer the kind of blissful night’s sleep that everyone deserves.

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