May 2019

How to Make The Most of Your 60 Day Love it or Return it Guarantee

So, you’ve decided that you need a new mattress, and you’ve also decided to take advantage of getting one delivered to you online. You’ve done your diligent research, added up your price per sleep, and are now ready to have your nights filled with comfort and support from your new mattress.

However, as you prepare to drift off into a state of pure serenity, you suddenly realise that the mattress you’ve received isn’t working for you the way you thought it would.

What now?

Well, thankfully any online mattress retailer who is dedicated to making sure you are completely satisfied and happy with your mattress purchase, will offer a trial period with a no-risk return policy. This is why, at John Ryan, we offer our straightforward 60 Day Love it or Return It Guarantee.

So how do you make the most of a trial period? We wanted to help you find out.

How well you sleep

Sounds obvious, but how well you drift off and how long you sleep for are some of the biggest aspects to focus on with a new mattress. Keep in mind that a new mattress will feel noticeably different from your old worn out one, and it will take you a few days to get used to the feel of it, even if it feels great!

Any aches and pains

back pain at night

After the first few nights on a new mattress, your joints and muscles might protest at first, simply because they haven’t had time to conform to your body shape straight away. So, giving the mattress a week or so to breathe and get used to you is advisable. Remember, some mattresses just aren’t right for certain types of people, and developing aches and pains is a clear sign of this.

This is why we at John Ryan pride ourselves on providing you with all the knowledge you need when it comes to understanding beds, and making the most informed mattress purchase possible. Every buyer gets a personalised call back to discuss the model and double check it’s going to be suitable for you.

Use some tools of the trade

One of the most helpful things you can do when trying out a brand new mattress, is make use of a sleep tracker app, which will be able to identify if you’re really sleeping better or not. Certain sleep trackers can record everything from the quality of sleep you’re getting and how long you’re sleeping for, to the pain levels you’re experiencing each night, if any.

Taking the time to track your experiences properly and crunch the numbers is a must, especially when you’re dealing with such an important purchase, which will have a long-lasting effect on both your physical and mental well-being.

Pay attention to temperature

artisan luxury

If you’ve spent a few nights on your newly delivered bed and are noticing that the temperature is heating up, this could be a sign that your new mattress isn’t suitable for you. If you’re constantly getting hot and bothered it isn’t normal, and means it’s time to consider your return options. Your new mattress should be breathable and responsive enough to provide a cooler or warmer sleep surface whenever you need it, just like our tried and tested Natural Fibre mattresses.

The bottom line is that buying a mattress online can be a far more effective way to find the most suitable mattress for you. And with a trial period, you’ll be able to really experiment with your new mattress. As opposed to lying on a showroom bed while a salesman, who likely can’t give you the information you really need, stands next to you. You need to do your research and ask as many questions as possible when it comes to finding the right mattress.

artisan sublime square mattress

At John Ryan, our Love it or Return it Guarantee shows that we always aim to supply the very best mattress you can get for your budget and needs. We will provide you with our wealth of experience, to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting. And we will always guarantee that if you’re not happy with what we’ve recommended, then we’ll collect it free of charge and refund you in full.
So, if you need to ask any questions, our small and friendly team is here for you – contact us today on 0161 437 4419.

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