How to Choose a Mattress

Given the fact that at any one moment in time there will be in excess of 5000 different mattress models available to buy in the UK how do you choose the best mattress to suit your needs? Through decades of research we have broken down the different options you should understand.

It’s not the smallest list but you really do need to understand each of the following before making a choice. Buying a mattress in a showroom without understanding what’s inside is akin to buying a new laptop because you like the colour of it!

How much should you spend?
Setting your budget is absolutely key to your purchase decision. However, you can’t feasibly expect to do this if you do not know what your money can get you. This section breaks down what you can realistically expect to get for a particular budget.

Mattress Price RangeAverage Retailer Life SpanCost Per Nights Sleep
£10007 years0.39p
£20007 years0.78p
£30007 years£1.17
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All about pocket springs
Absolutely essential reading. As you read through this site you will see that the upholstery elements that can be used within a mattress are quite minimal – there are only so many components that can be used. Springs, however, are the only real difference that can be used to separate one manufacturer from the other – but who has the ‘best’ springs? It’s unfortunately not as simple as that.

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Know your GSM timetable
Quite complicated at first glance but don’t be put off! Knowing the GSM (Grams per Square Metre) of upholstery is what the manufacturer does NOT want you to know about. Once you do grasp the essentials of this you will be able to tell which mattress is a complete bag of springs and which ones are worthy of further investigation.

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Understanding mattress upholstery
There are only two parts that go into making a mattress – the springs and the upholstery. Once you grasp the basics of upholstery your job is halfway done. Be warned, not all is as it seems.

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How to do a mattress comparison
When faced with 5000 or so models you really do need to do like for like comparisons. This section guides you through the process of comparing like for like models. Not particularly easy when manufacturers or retailers do not give you the information you require to do this! We show you what to look for.

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Mattress detailing
This section will give you the confidence to walk into any mattress showroom and determine quite easily the products that are worthy of further investigation. The clues to a well-built mattress are quite obvious once you know what to look for.

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Mattress construction
This section gives quite a comprehensive overview of what makes a good mattress. We have used real-life examples to dissect what can be considered to be a well-constructed product and analysed each component to determine what makes one model better than the other.

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Getting to grip with these basics will put you in a far better position to determine what will be the most suitable product for you.

We hope you find our site useful and feel free to browse our online handmade in the UK mattress shop. If you have any questions please contact our friendly expert team.

John & Ryan