April 2019

What To Do If Your Memory Foam Mattress is Too Hot

No one likes waking up in the middle of the night feeling hot, clammy and sweaty. However, this is often the case for many hot sleepers. Does this sound all too familiar? If it does, did you know that sleeping on a memory foam or gel mattress could be making things worse?

The material in a memory foam mattress can actually make you heat up, leaving you feeling sweaty and increasingly uncomfortable. If you own a memory foam mattress and are concerned about what to do, then we’ve got some tips to help you keep cool at night.

What’s making you hotter?

memory foam mattress

First of all, what is it about the memory foam mattress that’s making you heat up? The answer of course lies in what it’s made from. The foam itself is a soft, highly absorbent substance, which was originally designed for NASA aeroplane seats. Essentially the foam can mould to the contours of your body shape to support you as you sleep.

However, in order to do this, the foam needs to soften first by reacting to the heat of your body. Unlike our highly breathable Natural Fibre mattresses, the foam is also completely synthetic, meaning it effectively reflects your body heat back towards you. Essentially you’re lying on a heated surface all night. It also can’t really help with moisture either; when you start sweating, any moisture remains on the surface, leaving you to wake up hot and clammy.

Every time you sleep on the foam, this heat is molding itself around your body, causing your body temperature to increase. Excessive sweating is bound to follow if you’re a hot sleeper, even if your bedroom temperature is quite cool. Granted that excessive sweating can be caused by other medical conditions, but if sleep on memory foam, it’s worth checking whether this is just making things worse.

How can you prevent heating up at night?

stay cool at night

If you suspect your memory foam mattress is making matters worse for you as a hot sleeper, then there are a number of things you can do to keep cool.

  • Adding a mattress topper/protector that’s made out of a high-wicking material, such as wool or bamboo, because they are very effective at keeping you cool. Natural Fibres are far more breathable, can absorb moisture, and regulate your temperature.
  • Go further and surround yourself Natural Fibre bedding on your mattress to enhance your comfort. Get rid of any synthetic duvets and pillows and replace them with Natural Fibre bedding. Doing this will make for a more breathable, sleep-enhancing environment that draws away moisture and keeps you cool.  

A new mattress could be the best solution

artisan sublime mattress

Deciding to replace your memory foam mattress can be the most effective solution, and the best way to be sure that you’ve eliminated the problem. If you’re a hot sleeper then it’s best to look for breathable, durable and high-wicking Natural Fibres.

Natural Fibre mattresses contain some of the most resilient and best quality fibre fillings that you can find, making them more breathable and responsive than any synthetic Man-Made Fibres. Not only are they ideal for you as a hot sleeper, but they have the added benefit of lasting longer, and can offer tailored support and comfort for you each night.

For example, our Artisan Sublime mattress, is one of the only Natural Plant Based mattresses in the world. It contains Natural Fibres such as Coir, Organic Flax, and Bamboo, along with Alpaca, and Horsetail to produce an incredibly luxurious medium feel, highly-breathable sleep experience. Plus, it comes with twin layers of vanadium coated Calico pocket springs, which offer superior support and comfort across your whole body.

If you’re looking to sleep cool and comfortable each night then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today on 0161 437 4419 – we can help you find the perfect solution.

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