Foam mattress construction top 5

1 – A no-turn mattress is not a benefit.

but a requirement of the Memory foam construction method.  The Memory foam, softer material, sits on top of Reflex foam, firm supportive material, and this makes the mattress one-sided. To turn it would damage the mattress. Don’t be duped into thinking this saves you time.  Our range all come with dual construction fully turnable toppers to extend the life of your mattress.

2 -Memory foam and other foams will all compress at some point as they ‘bed in’.

It is not always a bad thing providing it is minimal and consistent. The cheaper the material the quicker and more prominent the compression. Minimal compression is known as bedding in. A compression that is over the accepted 2cm amount is known as dipping where the bed has failed you.  You should always be looking at 5cm plus for your Memory foam layer so that the compression is minimal. The thinner the layer the more prominent the compression, so a 2cm Memory foam layer that compresses by 2cm will fail to have any purpose!

3 – There’s a huge branding exercise around the material your bed is covered in

From infrared to anti-dust mite which has little impact on your sleep, the money they cost is best spent elsewhere. A removable fire retardant polyester cover is fine for a Memory foam or Latex mattress since it will be covered by your fitted sheets. You can always take this off and wash it as part of your maintenance routine. You are better off spending your money on a decent set of cotton fitted sheets and duvet covers instead where you will feel the benefit.

4 – We recommend that you rotate a no turn mattress monthly

If possible, you should rotate your mattress to reduce compression. All of our dual construction mattresses come with fully turnable toppers that can be rotated and turned to extend your mattress life.  All mattresses should be turned, flipped and rotated where possible.  Failing to do so may result in dips, lumps or reduced longevity for your mattress!

5 – A Solid Core Latex Mattress is the King of Latex mattresses and can be turned and rotated.

This is why they command a higher price but are ultimately much more durable. Make sure you ask if your Latex mattress is solid core, most are not.  If not you’re just buying another one-sided mattress.

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