Memory foam top 5 facts

1 – Memory foam is also known as viscoelastic foam and reacts to heat to mould to the person lying or sitting on the Memory foam. The only Memory that Memory foam has is to return to its original position.

2 – Memory foam reacts to heat and is heat retentive, some sleepers report an issue of the mattress making the sleeper feel hot.

3 – There is no one standard Memory foam there are hundreds of varieties with different chemicals present. Quality is key and comparisons of different foams based on feel/touch alone are difficult.  We only use British Vitas Vasco Memory foam in 40kg and 60kg densities.

Memory foam safe

4 – The density of the Memory foam used will generally determine the firmness of the mattress, the higher the density usually determines the firmer the mattress.  Reflex foam is the exception being much firmer at a lower density!  Check out our easy explanation of Density, hardness and firmness here.

5 – Memory foam will over time compress just like any other foam, the trick is to ensure that the top layer is at least 5cm in depth to avoid this becoming troublesome. Most pure Memory foam mattresses only have the top layer of Memory foam and a firmer Reflex foam at their core, meaning the top layer is the most important part in basic Memory foam mattresses. All our mattresses have multiple layers to remove this concern.